First Career Fair Experience
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First Career Fair Experience

As a senior in college the pressure is on to find a job by the time you graduate. Here are my thoughts on my first career fair on what went well, and what I wish I had done differently.

First Career Fair Experience

So in June of this year I knew that the career fair could make or break my possibility of getting a job after college. Some people I know have jobs already lined up because of internships they had, and I felt pressure to get the ball rolling. The most important thing to do while prepping for any career fair is to update your resume and make it look as professional as you can. It took four drafts before I finally got the perfect resume.

If your campus has career services you need to go there ASAP.

I went to career services countless times before going to the career fair for both resume critique as well as tips and tricks for the career fair. They are there to help you and make sure to set you up for success after graduation. They are honestly the first people you should go to when you start looking for jobs or internships. The offices also normally have information on the things you should and shouldn't do after a career fair! I left the career services office with multiple booklets and flyers on what to do for career fairs, resumes, cover letters, thank you notes, and LOTS more.

Don't let negative self talk get in the way of you finding a job outside of college

When you go in make sure to remind yourself that you are qualified. I was so nervous because I felt like I didn't belong at the career fair. You are qualified, and if you have confidence or can at least fake confidence you'll have fun. Dress for success. Wear business professional clothes so that you can feel confident walking up to some of these booths! Toward the end of the career fair I hit a stride and felt great about where I was at. I actually HAD confidence and was having FUN!

Have a battle plan, research the companies that will be going to the career fair and make sure to stop by and talk to them if you're interested.

I had a few companies that I hadn't considered reach out to me before the career fair and I ended up loving the people I talked to. Also, if you have applied for jobs at a company attending the career fair you NEED to visit them. Bring up that you applied and that you are very interested in working for them. They love to hear it. I did extensive research on a company and I was able to learn more than surface level! I had a list of 15 company booths that I wanted to talk to and I ended up talking to 20 company booths.

This may seem extra but if you can get your hands on some business cards of your own you'll impress those around you.

Personally, I didn't have any but a girl that I was talking to a recruiter with whipped out a business card and I was shocked. I hadn't even thought about making or bringing business cards! This obviously isn't a must have or else you wont get a job, but I was very impressed with the person who had it. You DEFINITELY should get a portfolio to put your resumes in as well as the flyers/ business cards you receive from potential employers. I don't know what I would have done without mine. Actually, I probably would've looked like a mess. I got so many flyers it was a little overwhelming

Be prepared for them to want YOU to ask THEM questions! I searched a lot of different websites and ended up asking questions based off of the ones I found.

The most helpful questions I found are linked here and here

Most importantly, be yourself. Yes, you want to impress employers but you also want to find people that you will be working with in the future. Be who you to figure out where you're supposed to be once graduation hits in May.

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