Ways to help people this winter season

9 Things To Have In Your Car To Hand Out To Someone In Need This Winter

Would you rather buy yourself that coffee this morning or buy someone a pair of socks?

Angeles Isabel Cuevas Cervantes

We all want to see a difference in the world but no one wants to be that difference.

1. Socks


These are crucial! Imagine stepping into a puddle and not having another pair of socks. You can either buy these in packets at a bigger store or buy 5 pair at Dollar Tree. Bonus: Dollar Tree sells thermal socks

2. Toiletry bag


These would include: toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant,shaving cream, cotton swabs, a razor, soap, shampoo and whatever other thing you could possibly think of. Put it all in a ziploc bag for easy grabbing

3. Gift cards


These are a bit trickier. You dont want to give out gift cards to a McDonalds only to then realize that whoever you give the care package to, is about an hour walk from the nearest McDonalds. I find it is easier to put all of the gift cards into a wallet, seperate them by restaurant, and whenever I see someone in need, ask them what is closest.

4. Pads/Tampons


Although these are a bit on the pricier side, please understand the importance of these. Just imagine not having them. I would suggest to put a bunch in a Ziploc baggie and separating them by size

5. Non-perishable food


Any canned food like tuna, black beans, corn, etc. or a bag of chips

6. Water


Having a packet of water bottles in the back of your car is really helpful. Whenever you see someone, simply reach bag, grab a couple of water bottles and give them out.

7. Wet wipes and hand warmers


These can be really helpful to allow people to clean themselves, if due to unforeseen circumstances, they do not have access to a showers or heat. Wet wipes can help them clean up and hand warmers can allow them to remain a bit warmer during the cold season.

8. Winter garments


These include: gloves, scarfs, beanies, etc. You can either make them if you have a secret love for sewing or buy them at a store. The point is, the winter is freezing cold so any extra layer will help.

Also, if you have extra money. You could go shopping for some jackets and winter boots. These can be a bit more tricky to fit to size but it is totally your decision.

9. A warm meal


If you are ever walking into a restaurant and you see someone outside asking you for money, invite them in to sit with you and join you.

The best dinner to buy someone who is homeless is pizza. It lasts for multiple days or they can share and they can use the box after for protection from the weather, kindling for their fire, or a sign.

BONUS: Condense your closet and have a box of clothes in your trunk


My closet tends to fill up with clothes that either no longer fit me or that I no longer wear. However, if the clothes are still in good condition, you can wash them up, put them in a basket and have them in the back of your car. If you ever see someone who may be your size, offer them some clothes. I generally try to divide things up by the season. For example, since its winter, I can empty out the coat closet or put aside the winter boots that no longer fit me and see if someone else can use them

Stay warm this winter and help somebody while you do!

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