Cardi B And Nicki Minaj
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Last week was New York Fashion Week. It was also when Cardi B tried to attack Nicki and throw a shoe at her while Nicki hid behind her security guards. So, of course, I had to put together some GIFs that perfectly describe how it all really went down.

1. There were definitely some shoes thrown...

Actual footage of Cardi throwing the shoe at Nicki.

2. Well, it wasn't an actual fight. It was pretty one-sided...

How the fight really went down.

3. Cardi: "Come out, bitch." Nicki: "I'm staying right here."

If this wasn't Nicki during the fight, I don't know what is.

4. It's fair to say Cardi did not "like it like that"

Actual footage of Cardi and Nicki's guards holding Cardi back.

5. Nicki was strangely calm and remained "professional," as she calls it

Nicki Minaj hiding behind her security guards like... WTF is happening.

6. In Cardi's defense, she was just defending the alleged claims against baby Kulture

Offset: You threw the shoe at her, right?


7. While Cardi walked out with a bruise and one less red bottom, Nicki walked out like...

Nicki Minaj walking out of NYFW without a scratch like...

8. Meanwhile, Christina Aguilera was just trying to sing her song

Video of Christina Aguilera's reaction to the fight while in the middle of her performance...

9. And of course, a lot of virtual shit went down on both Instagram...and Twitter

Cardi and Nicki fans fighting each other in the Instagram comments like...

10. Nicki hid behind guards that night...but blasted Cardi not many days later

How Nicki went off at Cardi B on her Queen Radio.

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