Car Essentials 101​
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Car Essentials 101​

As humans we are always on the go, here's a list of car essentials to keep on standby when the time strikes!

Car Essentials 101​

This is a response article to "How To Stay Happy In A Negative Atmosphere."

Lately, I have been on the go and don't have time to always rush back to my apartment and grab things. Whether it's running to pick up friends, driving to the gym, hitting up the park, hiking, or running errands, more times than not, I am in need of something when I am on the move.

From personal experience, here are some essentials I keep in my car to make it 10x easier when I am on the go.


In my center console, it's helpful to have protein bars, jerky, or trail mix I can grab when I get a little hungry. If I have been out for awhile and haven't had the chance to grab food or cook a meal at home, this does the trick. I find having something more satiating on hand is key to tying me over and not absolutely gorging on food later. Healthy fats and proteins balance my blood sugar, so choosing a snack that has quality protein and fats aids in my health.

Sporting Equipment

I am a sporty gal what can I say. When the opportunity strikes, I like to have my sporting equipment ready to go. Catch me with my frisbees, basketballs, bucket of baseballs, bats, mitts, and tennis rackets all loaded in the back. I truly keep it all ready to go in my trunk, so when my friends or family want to do something at the park we are ready to go.

Personal Items

After the gym, I can be sweaty and gross. But sometimes I have to rush somewhere else and don't have time to shower. It's important for me to have items that freshen me up and are easily available . In a plastic bag I keep deodorant, hand sanitizer, body splash, lotion, chapstick, mascara, tampons, and makeup remover towelettes.

Pack of Water

From experience, you can never have enough water on hand. I drink water all day every day, so having a pack when I get thirsty is perfect. I keep the pack in the trunk because it can be a little boxy and take up a lot of room.

First Aid Kit

First aid kids are essential to have in the car. You never know when someone might get hurt and need a bandaid. Having one of these kits tucked away when injury strikes is key.

Car Survival Kit

No one wants to think about the possibility of becoming stranded in your car. With cars becoming stuck in blizzards and storms, or breaking down in a remote place, it is important to take precaution and have one of these kits in your car. These can truly save your life and are worth the investment. A popular kit includes a portable air compressor, a complete first-aid kit, bungie cords, multitools, jumper cables, a tire repair kit, 10,000-lb tow-strap, LED flashlights and a roadside reflective triangle.

Extra Clothes

Whether a friend or I need a jacket, extra pair of clothes, or a hat for the cold, I make sure to keep extra clothing items in my car. Sometimes I need gym attire for after work, a pair of shoes for walking, hats for sunny weather, or an extra sweatshirt because it got cold. Making sure I have a few clothing items in my car ensures that I can be prepared in any situation and ready to go.

Miscellaneous Items

A few other items I always make sure to keep in the car as essentials are sunglasses, a rag for dusting, car scents, gum or mints, an extra water bottle, cds, car charger and aux cord.

I find it important to be prepared in any situation. If you can limit a trip back to your home by having car essentials on stand by, then you are ahead of the pack and well equipped to tackle your day!

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