Random items in every girls car, no matter what.

When I say random, you may totally agree that these items are the most random ever but, to a girl, they are a part of her car now. Just as necessary as the steering wheel, they have to stay. They're essentials now, okay?

1. All the snacks

I always have an array of snacks hidden around my car. And yes, gum counts. My car is loaded with Goldfish and almonds. My favorite car snack has been Jimmy bars, which are a Chicago-based protein bar company. I like to leave them in the car because I am always hungry when I'm driving, or if I need a snack before the gym.

2. More than one chapstick

This is so normal, and I feel like if you're not a girl, you just won't understand this quirk. There is a system for Chapstick. You have one for every important area of your life (no, seriously). I always forget I have one in the car or in my purse, so I always bring them from my house and end up with 12 chapsticks in my car at a time. Helpful but not the goal.

3. Too many sunnies

I have probably four pairs of sunglasses in my car right now. I like to leave them in my car because I'll either break or lose them from my house out to my car. I leave them all over the car and just decide which one I want to wear based on my mood at that moment. I'm definitely not the only one who does this!

4. Hair ties everywhere

Oh, my god! Every time someone gets into my car they say something about how many hair ties or scrunchies I have all over the place. I'm sorry, but I like to be prepared for whatever I'm going to experience outside of driving my car! There is no harm in having multiple in your car at a time. BUT, I'm going to say if you have over 10, there might probably be a problem with that.

5. Extra chargers

Okay, you definitely can't enough of these in your car. I always forget chargers whenever I go somewhere, and it's nice that I help myself by leaving two or three in my car just in case. I need one for charging in the car while the rest just kind of end up where I do. I also forget them everywhere, so I'm smart enough to be prepared with extra chargers. More times than not, I forget them at a friend's or somewhere.

6. So many water bottles

Okay, I'm really good at using my Hydro Flask instead of plastic water bottles, BUT I do have family and friends that still love plastic water bottles. Somehow my car always has at least one under or in the back seat. My family especially likes the tiny plastic water bottles that are two sips and then "forget" them in my car. Those little guys are so easy to lose and find five months later, UGH!

7. Unnecessary change

LOL, I have a crazy amount of unnecessary change in my car. I really like to pay with exact change when I can because it makes me feel really good and all adult. But, I'm bad at paying with cash, which means the change just sits there and accumulates over time. Sometimes, I need quarters to pay for ISU parking (barf) but, other than that, it just sits there and looks pretty.

8. Something extremely random your mom leaves in your car

Every single time my mom gets into my car, she leaves something. Often times, I find trash on the passenger side of my car and just have to roll my eyes. Gum wrappers, empty coffee cups, or water bottles — I swear I find one of these three things every time she gets out. Usually, just leave it because I'm lazy or I just wait for her to get back into my car to grab it and throw it out herself.

The important thing to remember is, even though these items are indeed random, they're important. I hope y'all have a better understanding of the mind of a young adult lady and her car.

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