11 Capybara Gifs To Get You Into The Summer Spirit

Recently, my friends and I decided that we would all assign each other animals that represented us well. While one of my friends was deemed the adorable red panda and another was labeled a cute little chipmunk, I was granted the capybara (pronounced cap-uh-bar-uh). Clearly, it's because I resemble a large rodent.

I was offended at first, but capybaras are actually really cute. And chill. And just generally relatable. To celebrate my new identity and the long-awaited end of the semester, here are 11 gifs that will make you realize you're pretty much a capybara, too.

1. The Packhorse Capybara


When you (and maybe ONE other person in your group) have been carrying all of your good-for-nothing classmates in group projects all semester.

2. The Höngry Capybara


When you're stress eating because of final exams and final research papers and move-out and everything else that the end of the semester brings.

3. The Am-I-Dead-Yet Capybara


When your professor walks all over you for four months and then does that final check to see if their 1,000,000 assignments and ridiculous grading scale have killed you yet (but you lived!).

4. The Done Capybara


When you take that last dorm shower of the semester and think about just how many questions you got wrong on your finals, but you don't cry cause at least you're done now.

5. The Impatient Capybara


When you're waiting on your professors to release your grades and they just. aren't. doing it.

6. The Loved and Appreciated Capybara


When you're finally settling back in at home and your family and hometown friends shower you with love and support.

7. The Calm Capybara


When you can finally soak in the tub at home and not think about equations or research paper citation guidelines or your future or anything tedious like that.

8. The Happy Capybara


When you can finally spend time with your pets after months of regularly being separated.

9. The Taking-A-Dip Capybara


When you can shed your backpack and walking shoes and relax in the pool until you've gone full prune.

10. The Popsicle Capybara


When you can finally start your detox from dining hall food by consuming an exclusive diet of popsicles, poolside sandwiches, and summer cookout delicacies.

11. The Restful Capybara


When it's been a long semester and you've earned these months of rest and relaxation, so you just stay in bed and sleep.

It's been a long semester, fellow kids, so let yourself get some well-earned rest over the next few months. As the eighth graders say, HAGS!

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