My Rotten Tomato Review Of The Recent 'Captian Marvel' Movie

My Rotten Tomato Review Of The Recent 'Captian Marvel' Movie

I'll give you more than just a percentage


This new movie was released March 8th of 2019.

The story follows Carol Danvers as she becomes one of the universe's most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races. Set in the 1990s, Captain Marvel is an all-new adventure from a previously unseen period in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now I don't claim to be a movie critic and I'll be honest, I haven't seen all the movies in the Marvel series but I've seen a majority of them. By far Captain Marvel was one of the most confusing movies to follow and it couldn't keep my attention for the whole time. Captain Marvel has received an 80% on rotten tomatoes and a 7.1/10 from IMDb. But I have learned that normally movies that get a good rate on rotten tomatoes tend to not be the best. 60% of the audience that reviewed it actually enjoyed the movie.

"Lacking the wit and graphic oomph that sometimes rescues the Marvel franchise from terminal fatigue, "Captian Marvel" is yet another origin story for yet another superhero"

But in the standings of origin stories, Captain Marvel doesn't even stand on the same level as the origin stories of say-the OG Captain America or even Spiderman. While the movie does embrace female empowerment and breaking out of their shackles, the lead actress feels kept in check for much of the movie. She is reminded to keep her strength under control and minimized. The actor, herself, doesn't really start acting until 30 minutes into the movie and maintains a robot act.

The uncertainty of cuts between what would be reality and flashbacks had my mind in a boggle. There is an insight into Captain Marvels mind and it makes the audience just as confused as she appears to be. Overall the movie feels a little gimmicky and dragged out.

But, on the bright side, it did score the biggest worldwide launch of all time for a female-led movie, scoring the sixth best worldwide start of all time with $455 million.

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The Story Of Annabel Beam

"Miracles From Heaven" movie review

Let me start by saying that I was skeptical of watching a religious film from the start. I do not consider myself very religious. I was born and raised Roman Catholic and have distanced myself quite a bit from the church life. But this movie really struck a cord with me that I think I should write about. The movie that I am referring to is called "Miracles From Heaven" and stars Jennifer Garner and Kylie Rogers. "Miracles From Heaven" is about Anna Beam, a 10-year-old girl who is battling a strange, rare condition that affects her intestinal track, called a pseudo-obstruction motility disorder. This type of disorder prevents people from being able to digest food and is currently incurable. This rare disease has a very high mortality rate, as well.

Jennifer Garner delivered a great performance as Anna's mother, Christie Beam. Christie is portrayed as a devout Christian who would do anything to help her daughter throughout her illness. During the movie, Anna and Christie go to Boston's Children's Hospital in search of Dr. Nurko, a world-renowned pediatric specialist that tells her there is not much he can do for them. This movie definitely has its highs and lows, and never fails to strike an emotional chord in me. It has been a while since any movie made me react in such an emotional way. (The last one able to provoke so much emotion was "Marley and Me.") Anna's condition kept getting worse and worse until her family decided to just head home and basically wait for her to die.

The ending of this story is truly remarkable and leaves you wondering how the hell it could actually turn out like that. After leaving the intensive care hospital in Boston, Anna and her sister were climbing a tree in their backyard when Anna fell into the hollowed-out tree trunk. Paramedics and firefighters saved her after three whole hours of being in the trunk. Anna claims to have seen God and her dead grandma when she was knocked unconscious after the three-story fall. Anna claims to have been told that it was not her time and that when she returned to Earth she would be healed. She came out of this incident with basically no injuries and broken bones, and immediately after this, her pseudo-obstruction motility disorder was asymptomatic. She has been healthy since the fall happened and has gained massive attention from the Christian community in the United States.

In my final thoughts, I have to wonder how this could have happened. This would definitely be considered a miracle, if everything lined up and proved to be true. I actually do not doubt this young girl's story, and I am hopeful for her bright future. This movie has done a great job in turning something tragic into encouraging. If you haven't seen this movie yet, I really encourage you to go out and rent it and see for yourself!

Anna Beam in the hospital due to her illness

Anna Beam and Dr. Nurka

Anna Beam being interviewed in front of the tree she fell from

Cover Image Credit: Google

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Thanos Isn't The Real Villain, Overpopulation Is — He Actually Fixed The Problem

Overpopulation is a real world problem, and Thanos posed a solution.


If you've ever seen any "Avengers," "Guardians of the Galaxy," or Marvel superhero movies, you'll know who Thanos is. He's portrayed as the evil father of Gamora and his goal is clear: to wipe out half of the population. Many of us were not expecting him to actually succeed — because, in every other movie, the Avengers prevail. But in "Avengers: Infinity War," this was simply not the case. He successfully wiped out exactly half of the population and we watched some of our favorite characters like Black Panther, Vision, The Witch, and Groot disintegrate. But why was this such a bad thing?

Thanos' logic isn't really off — overpopulation has been a real-world problem for years now, with the rate growing at two percent per year. Even though this doesn't sound like a lot, it's faster than any other time period in history. This means that death rates either need to go up, or the birth rate needs to decrease.

According to the World Population Census, in 2015 there were approximately 7.2 billion people in the world. But in 2016, it was approximately 7.3 billion. In just a year, a little more than 100 million people were born. At this rate, overpopulation will affect the amount of food available, poverty rates, and air quality. With so many people continuously being born, factories are going to be forced to produce more products, releasing more CO2. Poverty rates will rise because there won't be many jobs available so people won't be able to afford much. While this sounds like a very grave diagnosis, Thanos found a solution to this in the "Avengers: Infinity War" film. By collecting the infinity stones of mind, power, reality, soul, space, and time, he succeeded in fixing this overpopulation problem — that is a serious problem today.

Since infinity stones, unfortunately, don't exist, what can we do to prevent overpopulating our beautiful planet? The answer may lie in finding more effective ways to use our natural resources better, or it may not, we have no way to know for sure. Maybe the Earth can hold more than eight billion people and still maintain other species. While we may never be able to accurately predict what could happen, we know that overpopulation is eventually inevitable. So far, there isn't an answer to solve this issue either, which may sound like a very depressing fact, but it's true. Multiple theories have been suggested but, none have been enacted. "Avengers: Infinity War" was a cinematic wake-up call, and proves that maybe Thanos isn't so crazy after all. While infinity stones would be a great answer to this problem, they don't exist. So, in the wise words of Tony Stark, " Let's do something insane — let's save the world."

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