This year, Marvel Studios will release their highly anticipated film, "Avengers: Endgame." But before that, Marvel is dropping "Captain Marvel" in March.

Usually, with these films, everyone talks about how excited they are for the movie and how much money it will make. With "Captain Marvel," however, things are different. I know not everyone is going to be a fan of every movie that Marvel releases, but the hate "Captain Marvel" is getting already seems to stem from a vocal minority that seems to have a problem with women doing anything in movies.

This is the same crowd that criticized Black Widow for getting so much offensive against aliens in "Infinity War" and said it was unrealistic in a movie with a giant purple man as the villain. This is also the same crowd that whined and complained about "Wonder Woman" because, well, she's a woman and women shouldn't be leading movies.

This reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence being in the X-Men movies. I think she was the worst part of the recent X-Men movies. The way people hate on Brie Larson for playing Captain Marvel, I feel the same way about Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique. The only difference is that I dislike her not because she's a woman, but because Mystique was never really a major X-Men character and yet she is forced into the spotlight of the films and made the leader of the X-Men. Why? Because she's played by Jennifer Lawrence.

Women leading these comic book movies is pretty beneficial. It shows how far the movie industry has gone to become more inclusive and progressive. I've never seen any movie with Brie Larson, so I can't speak to her acting ability outside of the trailers for "Captain Marvel," but I think she'll do a good job. At least she's a better choice than Ronda Rousey, who everyone originally wanted for the movie despite her being a pretty bad actress.

This hate for women in comic book movies is leading people to unjustifiably suggest that "Captain Marvel" will flop.

If you google "Captain Marvel flop," several forum posts and articles will appear with some claiming the movie will flop and that Marvel Studios cannot afford for this to happen.

The first female-led Marvel Studios movie flopping? I don't think so.

First of all, the hate it is getting reminds me of when "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Ant-Man" were coming out. Both were called future flops, yet they both ended up becoming box office successes and beloved films.

The people thinking that Marvel is going to release a flop of a movie should look at their track record. Just last year, Marvel released "Infinity War" and "Black Panther," both of which broke box office records. "Black Panther" garnered $700 million domestically and "Infinity War" earned $2 billion worldwide.

Every movie Marvel Studios has released has not been a financial flop. I thought "Guardians" and "Ant-Man" would be bad movies, but guess what? I still saw both of them the day they came out and enjoyed them.

I suspect many others will do the same with "Captain Marvel," not only because of the "Infinity War" connection the movie might have, but because let's face it, Marvel Studios has a pretty good track with their movies. Yes, there have been some stinkers like "Iron Man 3" or "Thor: The Dark World," but for everyone one of those, we get a "Black Panther" or "Infinity War."

So please quit saying "Captain Marvel" will flop just because you're a little sexist. It will do just fine.