To The Girl Who Can't Let Him Go, No Matter How Hard She Tries

To The Girl Who Can't Let Him Go, No Matter How Hard She Tries

I thought I knew love, but he called my bluff and then left my life to allow me to feel heartbreak.


To the girl who can’t seem to let go despite her hardest efforts,

It is OK. It is OK to cry over him, to be sad about how things ended, and to want to be with him even though you know you should not. It is OK to wonder what it would be like if you ran into him at the store or saw him riding around town and want to say hello.

You don’t want people to criticize him because he is all you could ever imagine, and that’s OK too. To others, he seems like someone who only hurt you, but they don’t know what it is like to have spent that time with him and laughed for hours at something he said or did. It is OK to be confused about how you feel about him and the entire situation.

It is OK to get upset with people because they don’t understand how you love. You love with everything in you and once you do, you never stop. You see the best in people who are the worst. You remember what it felt like when you couldn’t breathe because you were laughing along side of him and you remember the confusion you felt when he made it clear he didn’t want to communicate with you.

You remember all the good and all of the bad, but you focus on the good because that’s who you are. I love you for it even if he can’t. Every girl has the one guy that seems it will never end; the pain, the tears, the confusion, the questions.

This article isn’t to tell you that it gets better because, sometimes, it doesn’t. Sometimes you have to live your life as seemingly normal as possible despite what you’re feeling inside. Sometimes you cry in your bed from one day into another and that’s OK. It is OK to not be over someone that is over you. It could be that they’re heartless people and you.. you have a heart of gold.

With that heart of gold, I hope you hold onto it and never turn cold or run from love because you know what it is more than anyone else. You deserve love and you know that, but it might take some time for someone else to realize that about you — and that is OK.

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