A lesson I learned... don't be everyone's friend. You can't even if you try, and it's definitely not worth trying.

This semester just started, and I have been minding my business really trying to have a peaceful productive second semester. I thought all the bullshit I experienced was left way back in the trenches of the first semester... but it wasn't. In fact, the main person that contributed to the hell I experienced last semester still had a grudge on the simple fact that I had moved on from the petty conflict from last semester. It was so bad that the person that had the grudge took the advantage of my friends being that persons friend too to try to tear them from me. Basically, they had to always choose a side with everything.

Now... lets jog back into my memory to Monday, the first week of February: we are at a birthday kickback, and my friend gets a little too out of there, so me and the person (lets name this person Than, which means Death in Greek) take her home because he's not drunk and I'm her friend, and I needed to make sure she got home safe. While we are waiting for her roommate to meet us downstairs, Than and I start arguing, which ends up him with him taking out his taser and threatening to tase me and saying crazy things like "get her out my car, I want to run her over." WILD!

Now lets fast forward a few hours later when he came and 'apologized' to me - during this encounter we discussed everything that the other person did that bothered us. We get everything off our chest and everything seems to be cordial, so we just started chilling in our mutual friend's room just talking about random things. Time flies and it's almost 2 a.m., so I laid down on her mini couch. Than decides to bring his ass over to where I was to lean on me, basically disturbing my peace, so I brushed him off but that didn't stop him. He then got under the covers and started whispering "let's go to my room, let's go to my room..." (you get the drift). This had really pissed me off. Remind y'all I was a little drunk myself, so I took the initiative to call his so called girlfriend or boo or whatever and basically tell her he really wants her and he's bugging me about... nothing I said was bad or disrespectful, period.

Next morning... I get a text back from her saying we need to talk. Already knowing what it's about, so I said okay lets talk. First, I didn't know they were still dating. From what I have seen from Than's actions and from what other people have been saying, until she told me, but I told her everything that Than has been doing behind her back. She was shocked: the look in her eyes I knew too well... she was deep in love... with someone that didn't deserve to even be sitting at the same table as her. I genuinely thought I was helping her; I wasn't the only one that has told her what Than has been doing, so I didn't think I was in the wrong. But it backlashed on me. He confronted me in front of people like it was okay, like this convo is no-one's business. I didn't mind having a talk, but it's not decent to have a talk that is no-one's business in a cafeteria full of people.

Now it feels the same as the beginning of the year. It hurts me to even feel this way, but I feel like I want my friends to choose either him or me, not both. Than is a very petty person, so I know when going to do all that he can to make me feel this way and feel left out. So now I'm here today stuck over thinking if I just want to cut people and go MIA or just deal with my decision, while he's still happy and conceited.