Lately, whenever a celebrity or public figure does something wrong, the public dismisses them and large groups of people will refuse to support them. Sometimes, this happens about things that happened SEVERAL years ago and the person has grown from that experience, yet the public still cancels them. Of course, there truly are some circumstances where people deserve to be canceled, and celebrities aren't exceptions to that. Like we've canceled Aunt Becky from Full House after the college admissions scandal.

If people do something f*cked up and they NEVER can take accountability for it and learn from their actions, then sure, by all means, cancel them. But the people that f*ck up and own up to it and learn from their mistakes might deserve a second chance. They deserve, at the very least, for you to hear them out.

Maybe I'm an optimist, but I would like to believe that most people are capable of self-reflection and growth.

Our current cancel culture enforces the idea that people are stagnant and once you f*ck up, that's it. One strike and you're out. However, we should really be analyzing each 'case' individually and examine how the celebrity has grown (or not grown) from the experience. We all have different codes of morality and we use these to examine complicated and difficult situations. Standards for canceling people vary from person to person because some people care about certain issues more than others. Some people are willing to forgive people for their mistakes much easier than others, which makes for a major disparity among celeb/public figure drama.

I guess my main point here is that everyone, including celebrities, should be capable of self-reflection and growth. It's an uncomfortable, but very rewarding process.