It is almost impossible to believe that people who see you on a regular basis or ones who you view as the closest to you cannot see it. What is meant by “it” is the sadness that hides deep inside your eyes. You may not see this person or these people every day, but often enough that they should recognize that everything you once were is constantly being battled with sadness. How can someone who has known you long enough to see you at your best and not recognize that you are slowly getting cut by the jagged pieces of a once whole heart that you had that is now shattered. Every time you encounter these people you constantly think in the back of your head, I wonder if today is the day that I will be offered help or guidance that will lead me to happiness.

Eventually, you fight through the pain enough to create happiness for yourself. Whether it is finding a hobby that you thoroughly enjoy or finding that one person who can create genuine happiness every day. You feel proud and ecstatic that you found your own way back on the path to a typical life. You have less sleepless nights and more frequent happier days. You aren’t scared anymore to be alone for periods of time. The terrors while you sleep turn into dreams. You finally are ready to be back on track to a better version of the current you.

Unfortunately, this is the time where these people feel necessary to intervene. They watch you turn your life around yourself and assume that the path you have chosen is the wrong one. You would think that the decrease of depression within you would be a positive thing to embrace versus fighting it. How could you not see the complete turnaround in someone’s emotional state and not be happy for them? How could you forget all of the times that you were helped and your happiness was embraced? It really hurts being the one who is referred to as helping everyone and bringing out true happiness, yet that is not wanted to be given back. It is time to do what is best for yourself and whoever does not like it can be eliminated… Can you see me now?