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Every college has some sort of on-campus police station. If you attend a college like mine, the officers patrol a good amount, but their top concern seems to be handing out parking tickets.

Now, yes, we need to make sure that everyone that's parking on campus has a parking decal and is actually supposed to be here, but recently, I was in a situation where I realized that the campus security doesn't care as much about safety as they should.

A few days ago, I was helping a friend write a paper. We ended up in one of the buildings on campus, sitting in one of the open classrooms. There were two other boys walking around the building, but they weren't bothering us, and after a while, we stopped seeing them so we continued to work.

A couple of hours into writing, we started hearing loud noises and banging. At this point, it was dark outside and we were just two girls sitting in this building. My friend decided to call her boyfriend to come sit with us while we finished, just to give us a little piece of mind.

When he got there, the building's doors were locked and both of us were just too nervous to walk down the hallway to open the door to let him in. At this point, we had figured out that the door boys we had previously seen were back, but we were still worried about it because we didn't know what they were doing and why they were purposely trying to freak us out.

Luckily, a campus security officer was passing by, so he stops her and asks her to let him in because we were feeling a little scared and freaked out about the situation. But guess what the woman told him? She refused to let him inside, despite the fact that he told her two students were in the building feeling a little unsafe.

And it's extremely ridiculous that a campus security officer refused to open the door when a student said that two students were in the building studying and felt unsafe.

As a part of campus security, it is part of your job to make sure the students are safe. Of course, there are other things that your job includes, but making sure students are safe should be the #1 priority.

There's no reason that students should be afraid to go on their college campus in afternoons and at night because they feel unsafe and unprotected by the people who are employed to keep them safe.

I'm very disappointed with my experience because, for all that woman knew, we were in a seriously dangerous situation, and she refused to help.

So, to all the college campuses out there, it's time you make your top priority your students and their safety — after all, they fund your university a good bit.

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