The heat enveloped them like a warm hug,

Refusing to let go.

The dim embers glistened in the moonlight,

Like stars shining in the sky.

In the distance, crickets chirped,

In a sweet symphony unlike any other.

A breeze blew through the pines,

Seemingly bringing the forest to life.

The lake lured them to her shore,

Like moths drawn to a flame.

Without hesitation, they jumped into her,

The icy cold-water sharp against their skin.

It was here they felt the most alive;

Where the fires refused to go out,

Where the crickets chirped in tune,

Where the lake brought a chill to their skin.

This was their corner of happiness,

A place where the two of them could be themselves.

This was where they would go to get away from it all,

A place where nature ruled supreme.