Three weeks down and five weeks to go. The camp schedule and counselor policies have become routine yet the only thing I can't control is how the kids act during camp hours. The following is a list of observations I have made about their behavior and how to deal with it.

Children And Instructions Are Not The Best Combination 

I can repeat myself 10 times and it seems like the kids will not understand me. Last week was especially hard because majority of the children were younger and therefore their attention spans were shorter. I have learned that long explanations are not the best strategy when it comes to giving directions. Instead, I keep my instructions short and simple and honestly, it is easier said than done.

Kids Will Always Run

Apparently the phrase “please walk" does not exist in the kids' vocabulary. I have discovered it is better to not say it all because they always end up running in a chaotic manner. In order to combats this, I have turned walking into a game. I challenge the kids to walk as slow as they can. Turns out they love to win bragging rights more than anything else.

Promoting The Kids As CIT’s

Counselors In Training or CITs, are a great way to get the older kids engaged with camp activities. There is always a group of teens who claim to be “too cool” for camp. By giving these kids a higher title, they follow the rules and they encourage their peers to do the same. I think the campers enjoy the day more when they are in a leadership position.

Stay tuned for more updates as I continue this summer as a recreations leader.