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9 Times Cameron Boyce Warmed Our Hearts As Carlos De Vil in Disney's "Descendants"

In honor of such a talented and kind young actor taken from us too soon, let's take a look back at a role only he could bring to life.

9 Times Cameron Boyce Warmed Our Hearts As Carlos De Vil in Disney's "Descendants"

On July 6, 2019, the world lost Cameron Boyce, the 20-year-old actor best known for his roles on Disney Channel's "Jessie" and "Descendants" movie series. This kind young man had many fans across the world and was involved in numerous charity acts.

To honor his legacy and bring attention to one of his most celebrated and loved roles, I created this list recognizing many of the moments that Cameron Boyce made the audience smile as Carlos de Vil in Disney's "Descendants".

"Descendants" premiered on Disney Channel on July 31, 2015 and become the most popular Disney Channel Original Movie since High School Musical. The movie takes place in a modern fairytale world, in which the children of Disney heroes through the years attend a fancy prep school (Auradon Prep) and the children of Disney's villains live on a secluded island called the Isle of the Lost. That all changes however when young Prince Ben (son of Belle and Adam of Disney's Beauty and the Beast) invites 4 children from the Isle of the Lost to attend Auradon Prep; Mal, daughter of Maleficent, Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen, Jay, son of Jafar, and Carlos, son of Cruelle de Vil.

With a successful second movie and a third on the way (premiering August 2, 2019) "Descendants" is one of Disney Channel's most popular franchises and Carlos de Vil is one of Cameron Boyce's most popular and heart-warming roles.

1. His absolutely FIRE dance moves during "Rotten to the Core," the first scene where we were introduced to his Carols de Vil.

Cameron Boyce was such an amazing dancer, and he brought that smoothness in his portrayal of Carlos de Vil in Disney's "Descendants" movies.

2. The chocolate!

On the ride to Auradan, the Villain Kids (VKs) were transported in a limo filled to the brim with sweets they'd never seen before. Carlos and Jay quickly made a game of wrestling for their favorite candies, and by the time the crew made it to Auradon, chocolate was smeared all over Carlos' face. It made for a memorable meeting with Prince Ben, and a reminder of how sweet the young boy was, even though he grew up on the hard and evil Isle of the Lost.

3. The first time he met Doug, "the campus mutt"...

Carlos had grown up being afraid of dogs his whole life (on account of his mother being the ruthless Cruella de Vil from "One Hundred and One Dalmatians"). When he first saw the "campus mutt" Doug in Auradon, the poor boy ran up a tree.

4. ...and soon after when he realized dogs weren't as scary as his mother made them out to be, and he and Doug became fast friends.

Nothing could separate that duo anymore.

5. When he was one of the first people to help Ben win over Mal.

He knew Ben was spelled to fall in love with her, but still it was cute how he was immediately on board with Ben's adorable plan to ask Mal to be his date to the coronation (which involved one of the best numbers in the whole movie, "Did I Mention?"). Plus the scene showed off more of Cameron Boyce's amazing dance moves.

6. Wrestling with Jay in "Remedial Goodness" class.

No matter how much these two teased each other, it was obvious they were best friends. This scene from "Remedial Goodness" (a class only the VKs had to take due to their unique upbringing on the Isle) is no different. Though he's much smaller, Carlos definitely holds his own!

7. Speaking of "Remedial Goodness," that time when he finally stood up to his mom during a video chat after the class, showing just how strong of a character he'd become during such a short time.

I wanted to give him a round of applause, he showed so much character growth and Cameron Boyce did such a great job conveying all that Carlos was feeling in a few short words.

8. The chocolate...again!

Only this time he found a chocolate fountain instead of just a few candies in a limo.

9. When he proved the power of his friendship and stood with Mal after she was mistreated in Auradon, and again when she stood up to her mother to save the kingdom.

Carlos showed that he would never let his best friends down no matter how much adversity they faced, they would face it together.

I wanted to copy and paste the whole movie in here, but I'm sure that violates some sort of copyright infringement laws. Regardless, Cameron Boyce gave us a character we aren't soon to forget, and seeing him throughout all three "Descendants" movies will no doubt bring a smile to anyone's face.

Rest in Peace Cameron Boyce, the world lost an amazing star this week, and you are sorely missed.

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