I'm Calling Bullshit On Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day....the 1 day out of the year you have to show someone how much you love them! Sorry, but I call bull crap. If you love someone, you should show them how much you love them every day, not on February 14th every year.

I am fully convinced that Valentine's Day was a made up holiday as a way for companies to reel in more money. Is it great to show your love for someone? Yes! Is it great to be shown love? Absolutely! BUT YOU SHOULD DO THIS EVERY DAY! Now I am not asking you to spend hundreds of dollars on your significant other every day, that would be ridiculous. But you know what isn't ridiculous? Showing love by little actions and surprises a few times a week! Buy them a Ring Pop one day. Pick a flower for them. Do their laundry. Trust me, it's the little things that count. Buy them a bouquet of flowers randomly every couple months.

Tell your loved ones you love them EVERY DAY, not just on February 14th. I like the idea behind Valentine's Day, it's cute, but if February 14th is the only day out of the year you shower someone with love, you might want to rethink your appreciation for that person.

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