By The Fireplace
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By The Fireplace

A poem about how I feel at Christmastime.

By The Fireplace
Erin Morris

So this is just a fun poem that I wrote about how I feel around this time of year (this time of year being Christmastime). I hope you like it.

The fire crackles pleasantly

as I sit here and read,

my stocking feet propped up against

the warm and friendly hearth.

A waft of peppermint and cinnamon

mixed with the scent of pine.

I wrap my hand around my mug

and breathe deep.

The wind whistles outside my window,

the snow blown all about.

I touch the spot on my cheek

where snow had landed earlier today.

I could still feel it resting there,

the softness of new snowfall,

bringing color to my paleness

and I smile.

A soft glow from the lights on the tree,

as I snuggle deeper into the warmth

of my sweater, oversized and cozy.

The sleeves fall over my hands.

I turn the page, and a log falls,

sparks fly, and colors dance.

I take a moment to look at it all

and breathe deep.

A distant clock chimes the hour.

Night fell long ago.

The wind has died down,

and the snow has settled, and it glitters.

I look out the window and see the tree

outside on my front lawn

has been decorated for the season,

and I smile.

There's a special magic, I think,

in the simple things like this.

The things like fire, and lights,

and freshly fallen snow.

There's a special magic, I think,

in the holly and the wreaths,

and in the distant sound of sleigh bells,

so faint you almost believe it isn't real.

I think of this,

and breathe deep,

and I smile.

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To my boyfriend's parents,

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