Buying gifts for the holiday season for those you care about on a college budget can be difficult. I know most of us eat noodles for dinner and pilfer food from the dining center. I find that during the holiday season, I like to buy from local or small businesses and support them instead of large corporations. I love to buy from Etsy because nearly everything is handmade and from small businesses.

For the person that always has cold feet - alpaca socks that keep your feet extra toasty warm! $15.00

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For the person who is a chemist or just love science puns - $12.99

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For the nerdy tea lover! Fandom inspired flavored teas! - $7.71

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For the friend who loves Starbucks! $10

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For the person who loves beer and putting their feet up - $12.00

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For the friend that loves hockey and lives in a snowy climate - $15.42

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For a friend who loves hockey and would appreciate a funny gift (you can choose from over 10 scents) - $6.50

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For the friend who loves warm cowls! - $21.60

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Soap for a friend who loves anything sparkly! - $8.99

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For a friend who loves wine and is a mermaid at heart - $21.00

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For the friend who has a green thumb! $9.95

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A coffee/tea mug for a teacher! $14.99

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A gift for someone who loves art and nature - $7.00

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For a friend who needs a little organization in their life but also loves Harry Potter - $19.95

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For the friend who is a bibliophile, loves The Great Gatsby and candles - $18.00

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For a friend that loves their dog(s)! $18.99

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While some of these gifts may not be up your alley or what you are looking for, the shops that these gifts come from have many other wonderful items for affordable prices. Happy shopping!