Hey Readers,

I thought about what it means to be at an impasse. You feel so trapped in a corner with nearly nothing in hand. However, even in these bleak moments, I feel that there is time to grow, reflect, and even strengthen our understanding of ourselves.

For when we understand who we are first, it becomes second nature to make the effort to understand those around you. This week, I hope that you find a spool of possibility within an impasse. Since it's Women's History Month, this piece is for all of my women (and those of you that identify as such), no matter where you are.

May the Butterfly Impasse encompass you beautifully.

I used to think an impasse was a bad thing all of the time

That I needed to be sure of everything all in a moment

But an impasse allows for clarity

It allows for growth and the time to breathe

I used to think an impasse was never necessary

That I had to keep going in order to instill in time's favor

But an impasse is room for revelation

It gives life to do what you've only dreamt of

To some, impasse is a point of gathering yourself

But to others, impasse means being stuck with nothing left

Only the memories of what you couldn't get

And somewhere in their minds, they think they're not closer yet

An impasse was something I feared and often, came to regret

But it was the regret of it making things come to a standstill

That was until I came to understand that not all moments of impasse I encountered would be the same

No, not even close enough, but these times would save

All that I was and wanted to be

For the impasse would set me free

Of worry

Of uncertainty

Of constant second-guessing of myself

Yes, they were lonely periods, but it was in this time

I knew things would get better

They would emerge from that dark and lonely light

Into something plentiful and bright

So, now, to say that an impasse was blight

Wouldn't be right

For even in those moments of time

An impasse is a pensive time

To renew

To restore

To become passionate once more

Impasse became to me what a butterfly is before transformation

At first, it seems nearly impossible to grow

The caterpillar being so small and insignificant

But then, it slumbers in sweet cocoon, dreaming of all the things it will do

The wings that form in sweet cocoon become the flight of sweeter bloom

And for this, I call it from now on, "Butterfly Impasse"