14 Things You Must Do Before You Leave Butler University
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Student Life

14 Things You Must Do Before You Leave Butler University

Butler traditions everyone should experience during their four years on campus.

14 Things You Must Do Before You Leave Butler University

When going to college, there are some school traditions and some must-do activities. Other times, there are people who don’t necessarily like the school they are at. By doing some of these, it can increase your motivation and add enthusiasm to the school to help make the next four years enjoyable.

Now that the school year has come to an end, I have come to realize some of the traditions that I have partaken in or that I hope to partake in for the future.

1. Jump in all seven fountains on campus.

It's a campus tradition you can't forget about.

2. Go to a notorious men's basketball game.

Everyone who has heard of Butler automatically thinks basketball.

3. Take a walk to I-lot.

On our campus, I-lot is the notorious parking lot that is truly a hike. To get to this underwhelming spot, you need to go to the center of campus, through the academic mall, go down 100 stairs, go through the forest and over the bridge covering the canal.

4. Walk in Holcomb Gardens.

Often easily overlooked, the gardens are a beautiful place. It is very calming and a great peace of mind. Quick runs can be taken through the forest and even a quick hammocking session.

5. Go to one of every sporting event.

Being a Division 1 school, our teams are outstanding. Most teams are often overlooked and are extremely talented. They are passionate and dedicated to their particular sport and love the motivation that comes from their peers

6. Go to Brics.

College is not college without ice cream dates or philanthropic givebacks at a popular local ice cream shop.

7. Experience/watch Yell Like Hell and Spring Skits.

These can be overwhelming at first, but it ends up beings something that makes Butler unique and adds to the fun.


Whether you spend the night or take group naps beings so close in proximity to all of your new closest friends, you have late night chats and movie bingeing that turn into pajama parties and unforgettable memories.

9. Go to Broad Ripple.

Since we are a smaller campus, there isn’t much to do that is around campus. About a mile away from campus is like our “college town” filled with restaurants, bars and little shops... a great distraction from learning.

10. Order Hotbox pizza.

All the late-night studying, netflixing, and talking leads to hungry tummies… with hotbox being so local and having late hours, its convenient for everyone.

11. Free Insomnia Cookies.

Almost all events have cookies as an incentive to get people to come especially at the beginning of the semester, so that’s a plus because who doesn’t like cookies!

12. Buy RBE products.

Being new to campus, upperclassmen like selling you their products to help spread the BU spirit and gain school apparel/advertisements. The products are part of a Real Business Experience class.

13. Create lifelong friendships.

Since college is different from life back home, you are forced to make new relationships. Although some might not last as well as you wanted, some will be with you for the long run, even if you least expect it. You will finally see people’s true colors and create the friendships that will last forever.

14. Find Trip.


We are the Dawgs, and our campus thrives on Tripp.

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