Basic Bullet Journal Sections to Organize Yourself

Why Are Bullet Journals So Useful? Easy, They Record What We All Forget To Keep Track Of

I get through the year with planners that are pre-made and always have a problem with them so I went on the hunt and found Bullet Journals.

Bullet Journals are new to me but I keep finding myself amazed by how well they are doing for me. Being in College is difficult and I found that having a Bullet Journal has already made the start to my year better.

Although it isn't on the list, making your own Bullet Journal is cheap and something to invest your free time into to make your life better. It is completely customizable and you have the control over this piece of your life that you usually feel is unchangeable.

1. You can track your habits, and you'll notice what you might need to work on.

It is hard to keep track of your habits, especially with an planner or calendar. Tracking your habits is one of the ways to keep your year on track and a helpful visual resource to look back on. Being able to track your good and bad habits is a great way to either try to stop or try to improve on some of those habits like drinking water, exercising,

2. Trouble deciding what to eat? Not with a filled bullet journal.

This is a part of your journal you might not want to include, I certainly am not but I found it works great for others. Although it is something difficult to keep track of, tracking your meals and snacks is another way to take care of yourself. I think that keeping track of my meals is stressful and eating is a way I relieve stress and relax. I don't want to burden myself to remember it and write it all down but if I am going on an extreme diet, then this would be a great tool.

3. Plan out your diet and budget all in one place!

If you buy food and worry about how much you have left and meal planning isn't for you, you can log what foods you buy, how much money you have left and things you do not need to buy. Being a college student is very stressful and makes you want to eat and eat. I even unknowingly eat while I am working because I don't eat healthy and don't drink water regularly so I am constantly hungry and eating.

4. You can keep track of your goals and improvements! 

"New Year, New Me" is bull but if you are the type to like to have your goals planned out and taking step by step, having a place in a journal you carry around is a motivating resource. If you look at where you have your goal are written, it reminds you day in and day out so you are more likely to remember during the day when you are able to complete it or keep yourself on track.

5. You can keep track of your months and weeks in timetables.

Having spreads of weeks or months (whichever you find more useful) across pages to jot down assignments, appointments, meetings, or events you need to be at is a simple way to also incorporate your planner into.

6. Your passion is poured onto beautiful pages.

Having a section dedicated to something or someone you found interesting that month is a way to look back and remember what you really liked that month. Some log BTS, Photography, Food, Memes, your love life (I don't have one so... I'm happy for you if you do), Anime, China; basically anything that interests you at the time and can enthuse about.

7. Your months are displayed as beautiful pictures.

We all look back at the year and think, what on Earth did I do? Well, I found that taking a picture of something you did that month is a healthy way to motivate yourself to do something productive and have a record of it. Sometimes, I don't want to post on Facebook what I did because I don't like people judging me so I think I am going to use this feature to the fullest. And you can do multiple things and keep your favorite for the month and now you have done at least one things for that month so it feels fulfilling.

8. You can keep your year at a glance.

After the year is over and you have written all in your journal with everything: habits, food, memories, and goals. Humans are a race that need affirmation and gives us a sense of self-empowerment. This is a part of the journal that you can't really do until the end of the year but I know that looking at the progress throughout the year is going to be so satisfying.

You don't have to make your journal entire already, you can take it a month at a time and figure out what parts of the journal work for you, what you don't like or don't use and fix it for your next month. Take it slow and everything will be fine.

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