Katie Kiernan Harper.

Reading that name on paper... I sit with it. For as long as I can, I imagine what those three words must mean to each person in my life. I am humbled by the power of one's name that has been given to them the minute they breathe their first breath.

It is a signature, a symbol into the beating heart that carries one's soul. It has the capability to trigger emotions, memories, connection... it is a brand.

When I hear "Just do it", or "Life is Good" there is something held in those few words that encapsulates a much deeper meaning that is tied to the experiences I have had with the brands behind these three words. These ideas tied together an experience that now serves as a lasting memory, as an imprint in my life.

Looking at my name, those three words that symbolizes my presence on this earth, is nothing short of humbling.

This name, resembles an opportunity. It is my opportunity to, with each day I have been given on this earth, build my own slogan. With these three words, there is an opportunity for another heart that walks this earth to hear it, and tie it to a slogan. Summarize my presence in a way that evokes feelings of empowerment, love, acceptance, energy, and most of all, faith. Faith that it is bigger than this, and that there is more to this life that we are able to unfold if we take those moments to see the incredible work that is our lives.

When I look at my name, I have a fire in me to find my slogan, live it, breathe it, and share it with each experience that unfolds before me everyday.

When someone hearts my name, I want them to think, "She just gets it… she saw me". I want them to know, with all their hearts, that they will feel better after being with me than they felt before If I can lay my head on the pillow each night knowing that I am living this out, I am living in my life's devotion.

I am building my brand.