A Bucket List For Miami University First-Years Exploring The OxBox

A Bucket List For Miami University First-Years Exploring The OxBox

After having some time at Miami University under my belt, these are the things that made my first year.

Brendan Scott

School is officially here (thankfully). If you're going into your first year, this is a nerve-wracking but thrilling time. You're most likely thrilled to be in Oxford but nervous to start a new life, especially in a brand new place. However, your first year is an amazing year. It's filled with ups and downs, but you'll create amazing memories. From the memories I made in my first year, here's a bucket list for your first time in Oxford, Ohio.

Grind Homework Out At Kofenya

Kofenya is one of Oxford's local coffee shops. It's the perfect place to go: good coffee, a great atmosphere, and overall just comfy. It's a place to hide out in the snow or enjoy coffee on the patio in the spring. It's Uptown, but it's a great place to have a long study session or somewhere to meet friends when it's time to get off-campus.

P.S. An iced Gold Digger with an extra shot. Always.

Enjoy A Night At Brick Street

Brick Street is the local bar that every Miami student knows about. It's the place where Barstool videos are captured, and you're surrounded by an amazing atmosphere. It's a great place to escape the dorm or just have a reason to be social.

Smash A Late Night Bagel

While you're about to hit Slant Walk, stop at Bagel and Deli. You can get a sub or bagel sandwich (nobody gets a sub); there are over 100 different sandwich combinations.

Visit The Woods 

The Woods is the best place for freshmen to go and hang out. You should really check it out, it's tons of fun! I promise that it's the most exciting and fun bar!

Book A Study Room In Armstrong

Gather a bunch of your friends during finals week and reserve a study room in Armstrong. It's a great way to hang out with your friends while getting some work done, and if you're in the same class or two, that's an added bonus!

Join a Fun AND Professional Club

Miami has tons of organizations that are filled with people who probably share similar interests to you. My piece of advice for any freshman is to join an organization that's fun, but to also join an organization that will help boost your professional experience. Not only will these clubs look great on a resume, but they'll help you out for post-grad life and maybe just finding some new friends.

Office Hours! Office Hours! Office Hours!

Attending office hours should be on every Miami freshman's bucket list for their first year. It can be intimidating to walk into office hours, but it shows commitment to your professors. Additionally, if you do show up regularly to office hours, professors are more likely to help you out if you run into trouble with late or missing assignments.

Beat the Clock

Miss going out on Friday night? No worries. Brick has beat the clock every Saturday starting at 1. It's a great way to get out of the dorm and to see your friends while listening to good music, watching sports, and just having good fun.

If you're not getting acclimated well, don't worry, it'll come. I promise that if college is hard now, it'll only last for the first semester. Until then, follow this bucket list to ensure you have the best time possible at Miami University.

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