A Love Letter to NBC: The Triumphant Return of 'Brooklyn Nine Nine'
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A Love Letter to NBC: The Triumphant Return of 'Brooklyn Nine Nine'

Fox lost a real gem when they gave up on 'Brooklyn Nine Nine.'

A Love Letter to NBC: The Triumphant Return of 'Brooklyn Nine Nine'

In May 2018, the internet was shocked and heartbroken when Fox announced it would not be renewing comedy "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" for Season 6. "Nine-Nine," alongside popular veteran comedies "The Last Man on Earth" and "The Mick," was canceled due to low ratings.

But the show had more fans than expected. As it turns out, a lot of fans had been hiding behind uncounted delayed viewing ratings. So when Fox pulled the plug, Twitter pretty much exploded.

Luckily for the fans, NBC rescued it less than 72 hours later, and the police procedural joined NBC's legendary network of incredible comedies. Joining "Superstore," "The Good Place," and "Will and Grace" on Thursday nights and bringing "Saturday Night Live" alum Andy Samberg back home to NBC, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is already making its mark on its new network.

NBC has done more than rescue "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," it's absolutely pampered it.

The network originally passed on the show, choosing to sell it to Fox over airing it on their own channel, but apparently regretted that decision. When news of the cancellation broke, they worked fast to recover the show and invite it to its "rightful home."

It's safe to say that the cast, crew, and fans were happy enough just to see another season, but the gifts just kept on coming: NBC expanded the episode order to 18 episodes; released bloopers; produced an awesome, multi-ending promo based on main character Jake (Andy Samberg)'s favorite movie "Die Hard;" dropped another awesome promo parodying "Law and Order;" and shared a series recap for potential new fans on YouTube. "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" has also been given its fair share of advertisements and placed in a great Thursday night timeslot, right beside fellow Michael Schur show "The Good Place" (TGP).

On Thursday, January 10th, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" returns for Season 6. At the end of Season 5, fan-favorite couple Jake and Amy just got married, and the squad is finally about to find out if Captain Holt got his dream job: the commissioner position.

In my mind, there's literally nothing about this situation to dislike. Andy Samberg is really great--I mean, did you see him host the Golden Globes with Sandra Oh? Now there's a combination I didn't know I needed!. He was loved on SNL, especially for his digital shorts.

Michael Schur's writing genius has brought us most of our favorite shows: "The Office," "Parks and Recreation," "The Good Place," and now, his two currently airing shows are alongside each other, easily watched together without even changing the channel.

B99, like TGP, is wholesome, never airing a joke that attacks someone's identity. Instead, the show embraces the diverse casts and characters that grace our screens every week. It creates friendships and relationships that are easy to root for and builds characters that are easy to get attached to. These characters truly care about each other and about doing good in the universe, and it's refreshing to see that attitude on television.

So am I biased because of all of that (plus the fact that people say my relationship is the real-life Jake & Amy)? A little bit, maybe. But at the same time, there are few shows and few fandoms that are deserving of such a happy ending, and it's safe to say that "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" has got one.

You can catch up with seasons 1-5 of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" on Hulu.

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