We're back with another recap! Well, I'm back with my thoughts on it, anyway.

The third episode is centered around Jake and Gina's high school reunion. While Gina takes this as an opportunity to spin increasingly outrageous lies about her life, Jake is trying to compensate for a junior year incident known as "Tattlegate." Apparently, when one of his buddies was busted for playing hooky and getting sozzled, everyone assumed Jake had been the one to tattle. After this, his popularity plummeted. The name of this miscreant friend? Brandon Bliss.

Seriously, who came up with that name?

Jake is unable to escape the nicknames of his past, however, as the rest of the alumni keep bringing up the incident and his insulting moniker "The Tattler." Amy comes up with the idea of clearing his name, leading the two to launch a mini-investigation. They start off by breaking into admin. Amy gets really into it.

Things come to a head when they realize that the tattler was actually Gina. When Jake confronts her, she explains that she did it to help him out. Gina tells him that Brandon is not living the glamorous life Jake thought he was. In fact, Brandon Bliss is currently on parole in Delaware. She knew that Brandon's crowd wasn't the most savory and wanted to get Jake out before he botched his own future. She also explains later on that she is leaving the Nine-Nine to pursue other things. I'm going to miss Peretti as a regular, but it was a good run.

Back at the precinct, Rosa is currently on the rebound from her ex and playing the field. Both of her dates end up finding out about each other through the wonder that is social media. Now she has to choose and is stumped. So she gets Charles to help her. This takes a turn for the funny when Charles shows up with a decision binder that helps him make decisions about both lunch meat and lovers. Food really is his second love.

When that doesn't pan out, he suspends her from the ceiling like a bat. This doesn't work out either, and after a stunning dismount (it is moments like this that make me want a spy-themed special, where Jake spoofs Bond and Rosa actually pulls it off), she learns that the real Boyle decision-making method is to delay making decisions until "the universe decides."

Now, my takes. Once again, I welcome the chance to see Melissa Fumero in printed dresses. I'll be honest, I love it when any of the characters dress outside their usual wardrobe. Like Holt in sweaters. I still shudder at the memory of Jake's Florida aesthetic, though. Much love to the costuming department.

Speaking of costumes, that unholy wig brought tears to my eyes. If the lighting had been any dimmer and the hair a bit greasier, it would have put Snape to shame.

Stephanie Beatriz's deadpan delivery of the line "I shouldn't Gram so much, but my brunch friends say it's the only way to promote my handmade jewelry line" was definitely a highlight, too. It was a bit too long for the list, so I'm just going to mention it here.

There was also a smaller B-plot where Terry, Scully, and Hitchcock convince Captain Holt to join them in an FM radio contest. As far as B-plots go, this one was not one of the better ones. Nonetheless, Andre Braugher is as funny as always.

On a more personal note, I am a huge biology nerd and the Krebs cycle diagram in the science classroom made me squee due to its accuracy (at least until Jake knocked it over). I love it when TV science is accurate. Jane Eyre was also required reading for my Honors English class and I once did a 68-page single-spaced book report on it overnight. Ah, memories. High school was wild.

See you next week with another recap!

Episode highlights:

1. Jake and Gina's friendship.

2. "Therapy is a scam."

3. The Boyle decision-making method.

4. "Holt heard a crinkle, too."

5. Quinoa and couscous.