Brooklyn 99 Quotes Everyone Relates To
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12 Brooklyn 99 Quotes Every College Student Can Relate To

Relating to a TV show makes all the difference sometimes.

12 Brooklyn 99 Quotes Every College Student Can Relate To

Brooklyn 99 is a new show that my boyfriend and I started watching together, it has now become "our show" and we can't get enough. Its full of comedy and crime. Overall the show is so relatable with each character.

If you haven't watched or heard of it let me explain. It's a show about cops and how they interact with each other in their precinct. They help each other when they have personal problems, their cases, and they just have fun with others no matter what happens.

While watching the show I found so many quotes that I can see myself, along with many others, would think to themselves or out loud on a daily or at some point in their life. For me, I could see myself relate to these or I could see someone I know relate to these 100 percent...

1. “I am way too sleep deprived to deal with your negativity right now.” - Jake

Every college student or someone who is just tired all the time can relate.

2.  ‘Be myself.’ What kind of garbage advice is that?” - Jake

Those who don't feel that being themselves will benefit them in any way.

3.  "No sorry, don’t feel like it, no.” - Gina

When someone doesn't want to do anything. Either at work or school.

4. "Doing work and hanging out with dogs. That’s my lifestyle.”- Amy

This is my all the way. It would be the best of both worlds for any dog lover, to be honest.

5. “I would clearly be buried with my phone.” - Gina

Those who are attached to their phone way too much.

6. “Writing things down” is nerdy? What do you do?” - Amy  “I just forget stuff like a cool person.” - Rosa

With Amy, those who try their best in school. Whereas Rosa is those who think they're to cool for school or anything.

7. “How dare you tempt me with a small bookstore. - Amy

Every book lover who loves the smell of a new book and loves browsing in a bookstore.

8. "I hate people. Life sucks. Nothing good ever happens.” - Rosa

Everyone who feels that the world is against them and feels everything isn't going the way they want it to or they're cursed.

9. “He said he didn’t watch Stranger Things.”- Judy  “This guy is the worst.” - Jake

Jake is anyone who loves a show so much that when they hear that someone doesn't like it or they never watched it before, they feel they have been hurt.

10. “When did everyone decide to become an adult.” - Jake

Literally, everyone when they become adults. Now that they can't always do whatever they want.

11. “Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. No doubt, no doubt, no doubt.” - Jake

Everyone who seems to be in a panic moment or someone who is in denial.

12. “This is way too much stuff.” - Jake “Yeah. and it’s too heavy to carry all the way back.” - Charles“Terry.” -Jake

Everyone who is too lazy to carry the heavy box or bag or anything from point A to point B. I will admit that in some cases this is me.

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