If The Cast Of 'Brooklyn 99' Were States

If The Cast Of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Were States

Just because they all work in Brooklyn, doesn't mean New York is the state for them.


The 99th precinct is swarming with a wide variety of personalities. The mix of crazy and odd personalities is what makes "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" such a fan favorite show. After being canceled earlier this year the show was picked up by NBC just one day after canceled.

Although Fox didn't see the potential the show had left and we're gonna end it on such a huge cliffhanger, the fans of the show and the executives at NBC were able to revive our hope in broadcast sitcoms. In honor of the show's revival, I felt the need to write an article on it. Please enjoy my take on which state each character would be and let me know if you'd agree!

1. Jake Peralta - New York

New York is really the only place able to hold all of Peralta's personality and he gets to be right next to his best friend Boyle.

2. Captain Raymond Holt - Vermont

With his interesting sense of humor and monotonic personality, the quiet secludedness of Vermont is just what Captain Holt needs.

3. Amy Santiago - Connecticut

The closeness to NYC, but the more conservative suburban lifestyle is right up Amy's lane. Her badass detective skills fit with the city vibe, but her uptight goody-two-shoes pantsuit-wearing-self needs a more suburban home.

4. Terry Jeffords - Georgia 

The sergeant was this badass cop until the birth of his daughters made him terrified to get hurt. The overprotectiveness mixed with his large physic and toughness creates the perfect mix of southern charm every Georgian dad has.

5. Rosa Diaz - Nevada

The mix of the warm desert getaway and Nevada being the home of sin city is the perfect mix for Rosa's badass and sensitive personality.

6. Charles Boyle - New Jersey

Boyle has always given me those soccer/Pinterest mom vibes which is why I could see him living out his real housewife dream in New Jersey.

7. Gina Linetti - (southern) California

Gina is always one many steps ahead the rest of the precinct when it comes to what's on trend. That's why she would fit in perfectly in the land of influencers.

8. Hitchcock - West Virginia 

One of the few places it would be acceptable for Hitchcock to have his gun tattoo and run around shirtless at all time, just like he always wants to do.

9. Scully - Montana 

You kind of forget about this state sometimes, and unfortunately the same goes for Scully when he isn't on for an episode or two.

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