To My College Best Friend, Thanks For Being The B. Davis To My P. Sawyer

With Hulu's revival of One Tree Hill, it inspired me to write this thank you letter to my college best friend, the B. Davis to my P. Sawyer, so here it goes...

A friendship like Brooke and Peyton's doesn't come around too often, but neither does a friendship like ours. It wasn't love at first sight, but it sure was friendship at first text when we met in one of the incoming freshmen group texts.

From the very beginning of our friendship, you've been nothing but kind, supportive, and trustworthy. Every problem I encounter, I know you'll offer your assistance and advice in any way possible, and for that I'll forever be grateful. Thank you for loving country music, One Tree Hill, and frozen Dunkacinnos just as much as I do.

As the P. Sawyer to your B. Davis, I promise to always be honest with you, to love you no matter what stupid decisions you may make, and to never steal your boyfriend (unlike how Peyton stole Lucas from Brooke, but that's another story).

Thank you for always being a text (or a knock) away, regardless what time of day or night it is. Oh, and thanks for always letting me borrow your broom, I probably should get myself one of those.

It really is crazy to think that we might not have ever met if our rooms weren't randomly placed next to each other, but life sure has a funny way of working itself out. Graduating high school and leaving home to go off to college was probably one of the hardest transitions of my life, but having a friend like you made it so much easier. Friends in high school may only last until graduation, but friends in college tend to last a lifetime.

Regardless of what may happen over the course of the next 4 years, I know that one thing is for sure- we'll be best friends through it all, I promise.

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