Brock Turner Is Back On The Map, Unfortunately
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Brock Turner Is Back On The Map, Unfortunately

The convicted rapist is scheduled to appear back in the courtroom after three months of jail time.

Brock Turner Is Back On The Map, Unfortunately

Well, ladies and gentlemen, most of us didn't think Brock Turner's case could get any worse, but I can now say it actually has.

Brock Turner first made headlines in 2015, when he was accused of abusing and raping a young woman at a Stanford University party. As months went on and the case progressed, the press released even more information on the incident, such as the location, time, and circumstances of the rape. Everyone had something to say. People remarked on his promising swim career that is now nonexistent, the woman's level of intoxication at the party, and what would happen in the courtroom.

After the plaintiff released a chilling letter to her attacker and the general public detailing the events after his intrusion and the physical, emotional, and mental trauma that resulted, many voiced their opinion in support of the victim and several prominent women were at the forefront of the movement. The victim had tons of support, as many rape victims should and often do.

Therefore, my question is and will forever be, how in the heck did Brock Turner only receive six months in jail? Going even further, how is it that he's only served three of those six months and was released in September?

How can a convicted rapist be allowed to walk free after a slap on the hand and a deplorable amount of punishment? Many believe that Turner's punishment was lessened because of how much his lawyers, and his own father, contested that severe punishment would ruin his reputation.

*insert soapbox here*

I'm sorry, but as soon as you even come close to raping someone, let alone actually acting on it, your reputation goes down the drain, as it should! It's bothered me ever since the trial that Turner's lawyers were allowed to argue in the case of his reputation and status beforehand.

Yes, the crimes that people have committed in the past matter when they're a repeat offender. But, being an otherwise "good" person shouldn't matter in the case of rape. You can be squeaky clean, much like Turner was before January 18, 2015, but that doesn't mean anything if you're actually guilty of the crime! Rape shouldn't be on a "repeat offender" scale; as soon as you do it, you should be on trial for maximum punishment with at least five years actually served.

To take off that much time, where the defendant only serves 3 months for rape, is a slap in the face to the victim.

Nowadays, Turner is gracing our headlines once more because of something different but still connected to his original conviction.

Brock Turner beaten in prison? No.

Brock Turner innocent? Definitely not.

Brock Turner to serve more time in jail? Nope, guess again.

Unfortunately, Brock Turner is actually appealing his case because of his issue with the location of the incident listed.

According to his appeal, the defendant believed the victim's lawyers placed an excessive amount of focus on the fact that the rape occurred behind dumpsters.

This “implied an intent on [Turner's] part to shield” his activities from others and “implied moral depravity, callousness, and culpability on the appellant’s part because of the inherent connotations of filth, garbage, detritus and criminal activity frequently generally associated with dumpsters.”

Apparently, in America, it is now acceptable to appeal your own rape case because you don't like how the opposing side talked about where the rape occurred. How is that, in any way, logical?

The facts of the matter are these:

1. Any convicted rapist shouldn't get as little a sentence as three months due to their status, gender, or any other factor.

2. Brock Turner is obviously in the wrong and whether he raped the victim behind the dumpsters or on a bed with rose petals scattered around the room doesn't matter. Location is not what matters in this scenario. Consent, however, was imperative yet nonexistent.

3. The fact that Turner is back in the news, asking for even less punishment, has to be heartbreaking for the victim and her loved ones. And his appeal shouldn't see the light of day.

It is a shame to see what is happening in this case, but hopefully, it will have a more positive ending than Turner's last case.

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