7 Broadway Miscast Performances That Are Completely Flawless

7 Broadway Miscast Performances That Are Completely Flawless

Ever wanted to see your favorite Broadway performer perform a role they would never actually play?

Every year, a group of Broadway performers get together and perform songs from roles that they would never actually perform. Usually, the actor or actress does a gender bend performance and sings a song from a role of the opposite gender. It's perfection and everything a Broadway fan would want. It's called Miscast. The most recent performance just happened on March 26! The proceeds also go to support off-Broadway work, in-school partnerships with New York public schools, and emerging playwrights. Here is a round-up of some of my favorite Miscast performances.

1. Jeremy Jordan performing "She Used To Be Mine" from "Waitress"

Jeremy Jordan performs an emotional take from Sara Bareilles' musical currently on Broadway and touring. In "Waitress" this is one of Jenna's songs. Really, just go watch anything that Jeremy Jordan has performed at Miscast. It's pretty much always perfect.

2. Caissie Levy performing "Shiksa Goddess" from "The Last Five Years"

Caissie Levy, who is currently playing Elsa in Broadway's "Frozen" does a great song from one of my favorite musicals about falling in love with someone new who is unlike past significant others. This song is quirky and fun.

3. Luca Padovan, Joshua Colley, and Douglas Baldeo performing "The Schuyler Sisters" from "Hamilton"

These kids who are professional performers are an absolute joy to watch perform this popular number. They are extremely talented for their young age and give this so much youthful energy. This performance also features Ana Villafañe.

4. Aaron Tveit and Gavin Creel performing "Take Me or Leave Me" from "Rent"

This is a hilarious take on a dramatic, yet silly song about a couple breaking up. It doesn't hurt that their voices are like butter.

5. Jeremy Jordan and Jonathon Groff performing "Let Me Be Your Star" from "Smash"

This song comes from the television show "Smash" and centers around two women vying for the role of Marilyn Monroe in "Bombshell." Jeremy Jordan and Jonathon Groff give a perfect rendition.

6. Kelli O'Hara performing "Pure Imagination" from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

Kelli O'Hara is a Broadway queen. Many are likely familiar with the Gene Wilder version of this elegant and sweet tune that soars in O'Hara's voice.

7. Aaron Tveit performing "As Long As He Needs Me" from "Oliver!"

Aaron Tveit does a heartwarming take on a beautiful song about the struggles of loving someone while in an abusive relationship.

There are so many more I could include, but these are just a few of my favorites. It's incredible to watch artists stretch their talents to perform these songs beautifully. I appreciate that there is also a mix of popular Broadway musical songs as well as some that aren't as well known. Check these out and you won't be disappointed.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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