13 British Slang Words That'll Make You Want To Hop Across The Pond And Pour A Cuppa With The Queen
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13 British Slang Words That'll Make You Want To Hop Across The Pond And Pour A Cuppa With The Queen

This is a list of the funniest and most fun to say British slang terms.

13 British Slang Words That'll Make You Want To Hop Across The Pond And Pour A Cuppa With The Queen

Americans and Brits speak the same language; English, right? Wrong. Well, I mean technically that’s right with a few spelling changes and grammar differences, the language is spoken virtually the same way in both places. But the slang words used here in England have made me become a religious reader of Urban Dictionary since my time began studying abroad in Manchester. With the array of colorful language Brits use, it's hard for me to place my favorites (or shall I say favourites?) in a specific order.

1. Oi

A way to get someone’s attention, “Oi, geeza!”

2. Geeza

A term to refer to a person or friend, most commonly a male, “Alright, geeza!”

3. Bruv/Bruva

A shortened form of brother meaning friend, much like ‘bro,“Nice one, bruv.”

4. Bellend

Literal term for the end of a penis, but also a way to call someone a jerk or idiot,“He is such a bellend.”

5. Innit

Another way to say ‘isn’t it?’ or to agree with a statement, "It's so cold outside, innit?"

6. Peng

A positive way to describe someone or something, "He's so peng, man."

7. Bloody hell/Bloomin' heck

An exclamation of sudden strong emotion, much like saying ‘oh my gosh’, "Bloomin heck, that's a hot cup of tea!"

8. Angin'/Mingin'

A way to describe someone or something unpleasant, "This crumpet is mingin'."

9. Dead good

Another way of saying "that’s really good"

10. Lush

Something nice or desirable, “This pint is lush.”

11. Igit

Another way to call someone an idiot, “Mum, you’re an igit.”

12. Cuppa

A short way of saying a ‘cup of tea’, “A cuppa would be lush right about now.”

13. Rollie

Another word for a hand-rolled cigarette, “Can I pinch a rollie, mate?”

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