Positive thoughts to have at a boring job
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20 Thoughts That Can Help You Enjoy “Boring” Work As Best As You Can

You go to work and do what you need to do until it is time to go home. When you come home, a loved one asks you, “How was work today?” You say, “It was boring.” You say the same thing every day.


Your feelings are understandable because most people prefer staying at home so that they can do their own thing. Saying that work is boring every day is not going to make any changes. You could get criticized or in trouble for saying that at work. People will suggest that you should quit and get a job that makes you happier. Unfortunately, some people need their boring job because it offers benefits, insurance, and money. Some people have a hard time getting another job because other jobs, especially their dream jobs, keep rejecting them and do not match the experiences on their résumé.

Here are some thoughts that can help you see the bright side of boring work. You do not need to use all of these thoughts because some thoughts do not work in certain jobs.

1. At least I am not on my cell phone and electronics for the whole day

2. At least I am doing something productive.

3. At least I am going to put this job on my résumé.

4. At least I am meeting new people.

5. At least I am making use of my skills.

6. At least people at work are very nice to me.

7. At least my work is easy.

8. At least I have something to look back to.

9. At least I am going out.

10. At least I am moving around.

11. At least it is better than doing pointless things that waste my time.

12. At least I am making money.

13. At least I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

14. At least I am not lazy unlike those who do not work at all. (The exception goes for those who have a justifiable reason why they cannot work.)

15. At least I making an impact on people and the world.

16. At least I learn how to grow up.

17. At least I learn how to solve problems.

18. At least I learn how to be flexible and quick.

19. At least I have benefits and insurance.

20. At least I am independent.

It is hard to change your mindset toward work but having these thoughts in mind is the best that you can do.

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