Dog Breed Bias On Campuses Is Wrong

Dog Breed Bias On Campuses Is Wrong

College's shouldn't be putting restrictions on any type of dog breed, no matter their purpose on campus.


Here on campus, at Ithaca College, I've been graced with the presence of many dogs and their owners. Our campus partners up with a great, nonprofit program, called Guiding Eyes for the Blind, that allows prepared students to raise and train service dogs until they are ready to proceed further training. A majority of the dogs you will notice on a day to day basis across IC's campus are service dogs in training with their raisers.

Although something you may or may not notice is the breed of the dogs. This is where the breed bias comes into play. The Guiding Eyes for the Blind program, trains Labradors and German Shepherds, but you would never see a Shepherd on this campus. Maybe at Cornell or other campuses, but they are not allowed here. The Ithaca College Policy Manuel states that,

"*The following dog breeds[sic] are not allowed in the residence halls: German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, Pit Bull, Great Dane, Mastiff, St. Bernard, and Wolfhounds, due to their size and/or nature. Dogs above 85 lbs are not allowed.".

Also, according to the college's "Pets on Campus Policy", they do not allow "pets" unless they are service dogs, service dogs in training, on-duty, being used for research, or they are owned by a live-in staff member on campus. The big difference and talking point in this situation are this: if there is a student on campus who brings a dog that is within any of the breeds for themselves that is either in training for trained as a service dog, they are allowed to have that dog on campus. But if you want to train a German Shepherd for Guiding Eyes for Blind, you will be denied.

If one live-in staff member on campus wants to bring their Pit Bull to live with them and another wants to bring their Golden Retriever, only the Retriever will be allowed on campus. The bias here is that only some students or individuals on IC's campus will be granted the approval to bring these breeds that Ithaca College claims are too big or have a bad nature. This not only wrong, in the essence that only some people can have these dogs, but it also reinforces that false idea that these dogs breeds are aggressive and unstable in our environment, which is completely untrue.

Just across the way, at Cornell's campus, you will find many raisers training Labradors and German Shepherds, and you will also find that there is no breed bias when it comes to the dog being in training, trained, or a staff members pet. As an Ithaca Colleg student, I would encourage the campus to take a deeper look and evaluate how they are spreading bias with these inequitable policies.

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10 Reasons Australian Shepherds Are The Best Dogs

How can you not love a wiggle butt?


Australian Shepherd's are a long-haired breed of working dog originally bred to herd livestock. Since their beginning, the role has reversed where they make outstanding house pets. Also known as Aussie's, the breed has become a favorite to many families all around the world. These are 10 out of the billions of reasons that Australian Shepherd's are the best dog ever.

1. They are balls of fluff as puppies.

What is this cotton ball running at me!? Oh, wait! That is my Australian Shepherd. When they are small and they still have their baby hair, it sticks out and is really soft. They are a living, breathing, cotton ball with eyes. I might be biased, but Aussie puppies are the cutest puppies. They are so high energy and their personalities are really starting to shine through. They are the kind of puppy that will steal one's heart with one sweet look.

2. They are intelligent.


It comes as no surprise that Australian Shepherd's are the genius of the dog world. With all their energy comes a willingness to be trained in order to drain their battery. They can easily learn basic tricks like sit, lay down, stay, and then some. Heck, my Aussie learned how to give me kisses on command without me even training her! If you are looking for a dog that is easy to train, then you have found your perfect match.

3. They are loyal.

It is also no shocker that Australian Shepherds are loyal dogs. They will love you unconditionally. I cannot tell you how many times I have raised my voice at my dog and she seemed so sad. At the end of the day, she always cuddles up to me and makes me forget why I was even mad in the first place. They are the type of dog that would go back into a burning house to find their owner. Their love for us makes it impossible not to swoon over them

4. They like exercise.


If running is your thing, you Aussie will be up for the challenge of going with you. Australian Shepherds are very active dogs. They like to be outside, running and playing. Making sure they get more than adequate amounts of exercise will make for a happy pup, as well will probably protect your belongings from being ripped up. Just like a child, if they do not get the proper amount of activity, they will get cranky and throw a fit. If you do not have a yard or you do not want to go on a lot of walks, then getting an Aussie is probably not for you. But I promise they will not be too much of a terror as long as you care for them properly.

5. They are happy dogs.

Rebecca Swyers

Aussie's are very happy and it is contagious - just like how another human's happiness is spreadable. Along with all the love they show comes great joy for you and the pup. They will show you that bliss when you come home, feed them, walk them, or just give them attention. If you like the cute picture of this pup, please show her love in the comments section because she is my Australian Shepherd. Her name is Millie. I never said this article was unbiased.

6. They have funny personalities.


They are the quirkiest of dogs. Every single Aussie has a different, individual personality. Like every person, each Aussie is a snowflake (different from the next). For example, I have two Australian Shepherd. Millie (pictured on number 5), is milder tempered than our male Aussie, Mate. While both are high energy, Mate needs to go out more and is a little more pushy for attention. Millie is okay with sitting at home all day but is jealous. Both dogs, are different even though they grew up together.

7. They are born to work.

Shepherd's were originally bred to heard. They come from the Western U.S, despite the name, and were bred to herd livestock in particular. Since this is the case, they are working dogs at heart. They will always be happiest with a job to do. If you live on land and have different types of cattle, the Aussie is the perfect dog to help you on the ranch. If not, be sure to give them sort of job. My dogs have took it upon themselves to keep my cats herded inside, despite never training them to do so. If you give them sort of job, they will love you and be happy.

8.They are gentle giants.


While Aussie's are not really "giants", they sure are gentle. They are very docile when it comes to children and people they know they should be around. They will not be the one's to bite your fingers when you give them a treat, they will gently grab it from you. They are very sweet dogs which is part of what makes them the best breed of dog. What is not to love about a dog that will literally skip for you.

9. They are sleepy pups.

With hard work comes a hard nap and the Australian Shepherd is the master of nap time. Aussie's are the best cuddle buddies know to man. While dogs are mans best friend, the Australian Shepherd is the BFF. They do get tired from all the hard work and the exhaustive activity of loving you. This makes them great at naps. They will sleep when you sleep and sleep when you are not sleeping. They will also cuddle the heck out of you while you are taking a siesta as well.

10. They have a wiggle butt.

The final reason that the Australian Shepherd is the best dog ever is their wiggle butt. When they get excited or happy, they will shake their whole back end. Since their tails typically get docked as babies, they do not have a tail to wag. Since that is the case, they will shake their whole butt like they would their tail. It is honestly the cutest thing you might ever see. It is just another reason to give all your love to this special breed of dog. If you need video proof of their wiggle butt please click here.

While I can think of billions of reasons that Australian Shepherd's are the best dog you could have, I have provided 10 of my favorite qualities about this special breed of dog. Dogs are truly man's best friends, but Aussie's are better than the other dogs. I may be biased, but you can be someday too.

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11 Times And Reasons For Auburn Students To Say 'War Eagle'

Fun fact: it's not always at football games.


It seems like Auburn fans are saying "War Eagle!" all the time, but it isn't always at athletic events. Here's why.

1. When you see someone wearing Auburn apparel outside of Auburn.

If you're outside of the Auburn area or Alabama in general, it's somewhat rare to see someone wearing Auburn apparel. When I do see someone, I always make sure to give them a big smile and a loud "war eagle". The worst is when people don't say it back. Save us both the awkwardness and embarrassment and just say it back.

2. Auburn football games

I know I said it wasn't always at football games, but I feel like this is a valid reason. There is no better time than an Auburn touchdown or a kickoff to say War Eagle. It is what we're known for, after all.

3. Hello, goodbye, and thank you

War Eagle for us is more than just a phrase. It's hello, goodbye, thank you, you're welcome, etc. I guess it's kinda like aloha in Hawaii, but in Alabama. When I see my friends from Auburn, I never hesitate to give them a big hug and a War Eagle to go with it. When someone goes out of their way for me, they always receive a War Eagle in return.

4. It's a sign of lifelong friends and family.

When people talk about how strong the Auburn family is, they're not kidding. While there are around 30,000 students at Auburn, the campus truly does not feel that big. We are one family, and the friends you have at Auburn will be your friends forever. By saying War Eagle, we know that we are family.

5. When something good happens.

When a class gets canceled, you ace a test, or you get an extra nugget at Chick Fil A, it is definitely a reason to say War Eagle. We celebrate our personal wins (and Auburn's wins for that matter) with a War Eagle.

6. When something bad happens.

When you fail a test, mess up that chemistry experiment, or forget to study for that big calculus test, the simple phrase "War Eagle to that," might make you feel a little better. If not, just remember that your Auburn friends and family will be there to comfort you after it's all over and done.

7. When you get free nachos at Momma Goldberg's.

Almost every Auburn student knows that while Momma Goldberg's deli may not be the best food in the city, it's definitely an Auburn tradition. If you're lucky enough to have the opportunity for the free Momma's nachos, it's always necessary to say War Eagle while eating them.

8. During "Dixieland Delight."

Any Auburn fan knows that "Dixieland Delight" by Alabama just isn't complete without a War Eagle somewhere in it. We always make sure to fit it in after singing "parked in a holler 'neath the mountain moonlight." The song simply isn't complete without it.

9. When Aubie shows up to literally anything.

OK, so if you haven't met Aubie in person, this is definitely a bucket list item. Aubie is the mascot of all mascots and no one will ever compare to Aubie, so it is certainly a reason to say War Eagle. The mascot's various costumes, such as a chef, a painter, and a carrot (yes, I said a carrot), deserve a War Eagle as well.

10. When there's 1 second on the clock...

Let's face it, the kick six was probably one of the best plays in college football history, and any Auburn fan would tell you that. Not only was it an amazing play, it led to Auburn beating Alabama in the Iron Bowl, which is ALWAYS a reason to not only say, but YELL War Eagle.

11. It just means more.

Saying War Eagle just means more. It means you're a member of the Auburn family. You uphold the values of the university stated in the Auburn Creed, and hold all the Auburn traditions near and dear to your heart. To put it simply, you believe in Auburn, and love it!

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