It took me a while to realize a lot of things but hey, I did eventually. We all have that one person that we were completely swooned by and for some reason was never able to wean them off. I wrote a list on how to spot a fuckboy in the wild and when should drop them (which is ASAP).

1. When he left you on 'read' after hanging out the night before 


He's only trying to see you on his time.

2. When he claims he cares but is never around when you actually need him 


Actions speak louder than words so if he's not there, I think that's a pretty strong statement.

3. Those "You up?" texts around 2 am in the morning 


If your relationship is strictly on booty call basis then cool but if you were hoping for something're out of luck.

4. When he's being a dick 


Stop making excuses for his behavior. He's a dick. End of story.

5. "I'm emotionally unavailable" 


First off, STFU. We've all heard this one so there's really nothing to explain.

6. He's always busy when you're trying to make plans 

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If he really wanted to hang, he'd make time.

7. When he's not supportive of your choices 


This is very specific but if you make an important life decision that affects your education and career, on top on being seemingly unsupportive, he manipulates you to think that you have made the wrong decision; DROP HIM QUICK. They're selfish, that's about it.

8. "What am I doing with this person?" 

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If you're already questioning it might as well just end it now. No relationship should start off with doubt.

9. When you thought you were exclusive and he wasn't 

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10. When he made a "mistake" a little to many times 


Stop making excuses for him. He's hurting you and you know that this won't be the last time.