A break-up is never easy. But there are some things every girl needs during a break-up to get her through the heartbreak.

1. Ice-cream

Any flavor, any size. Just get a spoon and dig in. Eat away the pain, even if just for a night.

3. Now, some comedies

Okay now you need to dry those tears and have a good laugh.

4. Dogs

Ask to borrow a friends dog. Go to an animal shelter. Just surround yourself with furry friends in anyway possible. It’s impossible to be unhappy when you’re around dogs!

5. Friends

A break up is a lonely time, so having your friends support is crucial. Have girls nights, movie nights, wine nights, just busy yourself with your friends.

6. Gym

The gym will not only get out pent up frustration, but it will release endorphins that will actually make you happy. Not to mention...the revenge body.

7. Makeovers

Even if it’s just for a day, let your friends do your makeup and choose a nice outfit. Even if you’re just staying in, it will raise your spirits to feel cleaned up and hot.