Breaking Down International Relations

Breaking Down International Relations

3 ways to think about this

Guess what? You live in a country and that country must coexist with all the other countries in the world. They may not have to like each other but there is an understanding that they must coexist. Now why would we try to screw up that balance? Let’s break this down.

Simple answer: we are dumb. Sometimes I question our leader’s decisions regarding the ways of the world. Now did you mean to bomb that country or did you sneeze. Is there a reasonable answer to our actions in the country or do we still feel the need to insert ourselves unnecessarily?

More complex answer: we are stirring the pot for our own benefit or we want something. Oil. We want oil. Need I say more? Don’t get up on your pedestal about the human rights violation because you don’t get to pick and choose which human rights you want to protect. We all know why you are here. . . oil.

Real answer: block out a semester of your time and take a class. I do not even have enough time or words to explain but the class will. You could take Global Issues or Introduction to Comparative Politics OR jump right into it and see what upper level classes are offered. You will find that the real answer is a combination of the answers given above thrown in with some history between countries and a million other things.

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