The first song I had heard from Billie was "When the party's over" in my car on a playlist that was on shuffle. I was like "OOOOHHHH. WHO IS THIS? Billie and her brother Finneas write and produce their own music from their childhood home.

1. !!!!!!

A 13-second track of her taking out her Invisalign and laughing about it. This short track is a hint inside of her quirky personality.

2. Bad guy

Billie confronts a former lover who believes he's so criminal. Billie wants to emphasize that she's the only one in control of her friendships and relationships. She's a vision from your nightmares, she's never the type of girl that anyone dreams about.

3. Xanny

A song about Billie's personal experience with those who are dependent on drugs. At the end of the song, she decided that heartbreak is inevitable when dealing with an addict.

4. You should see me in a crown

She's in control of her own life. She doesn't worry about materialistic things. She could be just as happy being broke with $5 in her pocket than with a million.

5. All the good girls go to hell

This song has a lot of deep meanings about Christians and refers to Saint Peter from the Bible. The traditional middle class is usually very strict on controlling gender and sexuality. She believes that all humans are corrupt in some way, no one is 100% perfect. It just doesn't exist.

6. Wish you were gay

An anti-love song. It's like you're in love with someone but for some reason, they won't love you but they would go to anyone else. That hurts like "dang, why couldn't they have chosen me?" feelings. This song is definitely one of my favorites!

7. When the party's over

My #1 favorite song on the album and the first song that I had heard by Billie! She's reflecting on a short-lived past relationship. After breakups everyone needs space and a moment to breathe and think of themselves. Being independent is a good thing, and it's a growing and learning process.

8. 8

This song has the opposite feelings for all of the other songs on the album. Instead, Billie herself is the heartbreaker and hasn't given her love to someone.

9. My strange addiction

Sometimes it's easier to get into the mindset that all relationships inevitably end badly. Don't get too attached because you'll end up getting heartbroken anyways. Live in the moment for yourself. This is a mindset that people often have to process when a relationship feels like a ticking time bomb.

10. Bury a friend

Another one of my favorites! The music video to this is so creepy and was actually directed by directors who make horror movies. This song is about an anxiety-ridden monster and shows the darkest parts of Billie. She admitted that she loves to do her own stunts in her videos and most of the stuff we see is real, not CGI.

11. Ilomilo

The title is based on a puzzle game in which two friends Ilo and Milo always seem to get separated. It's a fear of separation monster.

12. Listen before I go

I think this is the darkest song on the entire album, fear, and feelings of depression. Billie has been very open about her own mental health and being open to accepting help and encouraging her fans to do the same. Billie lets us know that it's okay to feel this way and to know that we aren't alone.

13. I love you

Admitting that you are in love is a huge step, and it's something that makes you completely vulnerable because you're trusting that person to not hurt you. Sometimes you can't escape the love, sometimes you can.

14. Goodbye

In an interview that Billie did she mentioned that one of her biggest pet peeves is when a song ends, and the album ends but nothing feels like it's over. In case you didn't notice in the track list, the last 3 songs of the album are "listen before I go" "I love you" and "goodbye." LITERALLY HER MIND!

Billie doesn't define her music in any genre, she just says "Billie's music." Every song on this album is 5 stars! Hands down it's 5 stars! If you haven't had the chance yet, go take a listen to Billie Eilish!