The 6 Types Of Breakups, Described By Iconic Songs
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The 6 Types Of Breakups, As Described By Iconic Love Songs

Perhaps there is the perfect song out there that can describe exactly how you are feeling post-breakup.

The 6 Types Of Breakups, As Described By Iconic Love Songs

Sometimes, our emotions start to take control of our mind, body, and soul. When you are stressed out or angry, it can be difficult to really express what is on your mind to others. Sometimes, people just don't understand what you are feeling, and it can be super frustrating.

How do you get someone to clearly understand what you are trying to say? One of the best ways to get your thoughts onto paper is through music. You are not alone with not being able to put your jumbled thoughts into words. Many songwriters and singers today have gone through the same experience you are going through. Perhaps there is the perfect song out there that can describe exactly how you are feeling, to help you understand what you need to say.

There are going to be multiple articles circling the different emotions we feel, and how we can capture that thought into the lyrics of someone else. This week, we will focus on the emotional rollercoaster that you may feel after a breakup.

Here is a list of songs that could potentially describe the breakup you are going through:

1. For when breaking up was right, but you still love each other.

"Rock Bottom" by Hailee Steinfield & DNCE

This song is about two people who are so in love with one another, but they constantly fight and both know the relationship is not healthy. They have both gotten to the point where they love each other too much to leave, otherwise known as rock bottom.

2. If they were good, but you needed to leave to work on yourself/put yourself first.

"Lose You to Love Me" by Selena Gomez

Selena sings about someone who decides to leave a relationship that is not benefiting them. It is expressed that the only way for her to love herself is if she forgets about her lover and starts to hate them. The only way to find herself is to let go of someone she loves.

"You Were Good to Me" by Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler

This song is about finally letting go of someone who was good to you, but you still were unhappy in the relationship. A lot of guilt is captured in this song for not being able to be the person that someone deserves.

"Let Me Go" by Alesso, Hailee Steinfield, & Florida Georgia Line

This is for the girl who wants to move on but is trying to tell her lover to let her go and find someone who is capable of loving them better than they did.

"Sorry" by Halsey

In this song, Halsey sings about her not being good at love and for pushing her lover away when she didn't mean to. She doesn't believe she is worthy of love and therefore apologizes for being the way she is and reassures her ex that someone will love them soon.

3. If they treated you poorly, and it was hard to leave.

"July" by Noah Cyrus

The lyrics in this song talk about an abusive relationship that Noah had trouble leaving. She loved him a lot, but she wanted him to break up with her because she could not bring herself to.

"Scared to be Lonely" by Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa

This song focuses on the question of why two people stay together if they are constantly fighting and the relationship is not healthy. Perhaps the two are scared of being by themselves and do not want to leave their comfort zone of someone they know.

"Gravity" by Sara Bareilles

"Gravity" is about a girl who cannot seem to leave their relationship, even though she knows she would be better off alone. No matter how hard she tries to leave, she seems stuck in the other's gravity and is having a hard time getting out.

"Warrior" by Demi Lovato

This can be translated to any abusive relationship, but in the case of breakups, Demi speaks out about how she is stronger now and wears her scars from the relationship as armor. She tells him that he cannot hurt her again because her skin has thickened and she knows what she deserves.

4. If they broke your heart, and you would never take them back.

"Really Don't Care" by Demi Lovato & Cher Lloyd

Demi and Cher sing about how someone broke their heart and now they do not care if the worst happens to their ex because of it. They do not care if they come running back and try to apologize or fix things.

"Beggin' On Your Knees" by Victoria Justice

(Oh, yes, we are pulling these out of the vault)

In this episode of "Victorious," Tori is taken advantage of by Ryder so he can get a good grade on a project. Now, the song is interpreted for someone who broke up with a girl, and the girl says that one day he'll be begging her for a second chance. She is hurt, but she knows if she moves on he'll come running back with regret.

"She's So Gone" by Naomi Scott

This is from the movie "Lemonade Mouth." This song is about a guy leaving a girl, and the girl changing for the better and growing from the relationship. She sings about how the girl that the guy once dated is "gone," and now she is stronger and not the girl she used to be.

"Since You've Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson

This song is about how a girl can finally breathe since her lover has broken up with her. She claims that she is still moving on, but now that she is single, she is able to do what she wants and be independent.

"Without Me" by Halsey

Halsey sings about how she tried to fix her partner and help him get back onto his feet, but he left her once he was up and running again. The song basically says he will not thrive without her and is asking him how it feels to be without her help because she won't help anymore.

5. If they cheated on you.

"You're Such A" by Hailee Steinfield

Fill in the blank. She never states it in the song, but basically, Hailee talks about how the guy who broke her heart is a D*** who is trying to get back with her only to sleep with her.

"Good as Hell" by Lizzo

One of my favorite lines in this song is "If he don't love you anymore, just walk your fine a** out the door." This song is basically about all of your girlfriends helping you get over your ex and realizing that you are better off now. If he is stupid enough to cheat or walk away, then be smart enough to leave and know your worth.

"New Rules" by Dua Lipa

This song lays out the rules of getting over somebody. According to Dua, if you hang out with your ex and try to be friends with him, you will not get over him. She states to break all contact with him and to give yourself time to forget about him.

"Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood

This is the anthem of getting your feelings out about someone who cheats on you. She sings about destroying her ex's stuff, while she knows he's out with another girl, to get revenge. (Please do not destroy your ex's stuff - simply burning a couple of pictures should do the trick!) She knows that the guy will always be a cheater, and the next time he does, it will not be on her.

"Part of Me" by Katy Perry

Katy sings about her heart getting broken and her suffering in darkness when the breakup first happened. In this song, she states that her ex will never take away who she is as a person, and since the breakup, she has grown into someone stronger.

"Stone Cold" by Demi Lovato

This song is on the sadder side if you genuinely are happy for your ex for finding someone, but you are still crushed on the inside. Demi talks about how she is just numb at this point and loves the guy so much that she is happy that he is happy. Even though she is, in reality, sad by herself.

6. If you miss them and want them back.

"Talking to the Moon" by Bruno Mars

Bruno sings about how he wonders about his ex and pretends that he is talking to her when he sits outside talking to the moon. He hopes that his ex wonders and misses him just as much as he misses her, but then he wonders if he is just alone while she is moving on.

"Never Really Over" by Katy Perry

Katy sings about how if you are in a relationship with someone, you never truly get over them because they shared part of your life. In this song, she sings how even after two years of not being with someone, she still feels that spark when she sees him and wonders if they could try again, or if she will have to continue the rest of her life trying to get over him.

"Back To December" by Taylor Swift

"Back to December" tells the story about how a girl and a boy were in love and the relationship was going great until the girl began to "take advantage" of the guy. The guy was loving the girl no matter what, but the girl decided to leave because she thought she wasn't in love when she really was. She tells her ex that she understands that he needs time to heal, but she also talks about how much she misses him and thinks about the time when they were together.

"Back To You" by Selena Gomez

This song is pretty self-explanatory, but mainly, Selena sings about when she was with someone else. Her ex is still constantly on her mind, and she would go back to him in a heartbeat if he wanted her to. She thought that she would be able to get over her ex after a couple of years of being apart, but since then, she still has feelings.

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