The Christian Community Needs To Break Down The Walls

This is me.

I am done. I am drained- emotionally, physically, and mentally.

This is also many of you, whether you want to admit it or not.

Guess what? Life. Is. Hard.

Things do not always go the way we plan out in our heads.

College is a place where plans are made every minute. At any given time, there could be a person planning their classes, a couple having a DTR (defining the relationship), and another filling out a graduate school application. We are encouraged to have our four-year plan ready to go.

Can we take a moment to give each other some grace and the room to say that life is in fact kinda hard?

We all want to have it all together. I love the plans I laid out so perfectly before going to college, but those are being washed away bit by bit.

I have the wonderful knowledge that God is going to use this time for His glory, and He has an incredible plan in store for me. That in no way means that right now is not hard. God never said this would be easy, He said it would be possible with Him on our side.

Let's all take a moment, before we continue with homework and life, and be honest with our Lord. He knows everything we are thinking, but we need to be open and honest with Him.

First, let's thank Him for all He has given us. List a few things that you haven't thanked Him for recently, whether it be people, places, or opportunities. Then, tell Him what is weighing you down, what's hard, and what you need to release.

This won't be easy. It is hard to face the reality of hardship. Ask for God to grant you the incredible peace He loves giving His children. Take that peace and lean into Him. He wants to hold it all.

Although letting down your walls and letting out the junk can hurt, it will make room for Christ to fill the holes. Your honesty with the Lord will strengthen your relationship with Him.

Let's all, as a community of believers, say a prayer for each other each day. We know our brothers and sisters in Christ have burdens they carry and need Christ strength just like us. Pray for them to turn to Christ in surrender and gain peace in letting go.

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