Bratz Dolls Were ALWAYS Better Than Barbies, Don't @ Me
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Bratz Dolls Were ALWAYS Better Than Barbies, Don't @ Me

It's about time they get the respect they deserve.

Bratz Dolls Were ALWAYS Better Than Barbies, Don't @ Me

The Bratz makeup challenge started in 2018 and has carried into 2019. Youtubers like Jenna Marbles, NikkieTutorials and some Buzzfeed makeup artists all have attempted to do makeup looks that transform them into Bratz lookalikes. This challenge brought me so much nostalgia because Bratz were some of my favorite toys to play with.

For those who don't know about the iconic fashionistas, the original Bratz core members consisted of Cloe, Sasha, Jade and Yasmin. The brand has expanded since 2001, but the Bratz added all contribute to the main values of the brand. The original Bratz were four girls who were different in multiple ways like ethnicity, interests and style. Sasha is a black hip-hop dancer, Yasmin is a Latinx writer and singer, Cloe is a white soccer player, and Jade is an Asian fashion icon.

The Bratz promoted more diversity in just the original members than the Barbie collection did since 1959.

Barbie was always the main girl represented in the brand which is a blue-eyed, blonde-haired white girl. So for all the little girls who didn't meet that standard rarely saw themselves represented. In Barbie movies, Barbie was always the winner and was often the smarter, prettier, funnier counterpart. The Bratz girls, however, were all different, but equally as good as the next. The Bratz were rarely competitors in their movies and always ended up supporting each other by the end.

Bratz were promoted as a group of friends who weren't complete without their girls. That is such a good influence when often times women are made to be competitors with each other.

The most disliked thing about Bratz were parents claiming the doll were too sexual or too promiscuous. First of all, how is an inanimate object too sexual? That's just people being weird. Second of all, Bratz had huge heads, giant lips, close to literally no nose, waists the size of their necks and no feet (because feet came with the shoes). I can only speak for me, but I could clearly tell these dolls were dolls- they didn't resemble an actual person, unlike the main competitor Mattel was selling.

The Bratz girls were teenagers with "A Passion for Fashion," they had glamorous makeup and extravagant clothes- the perfect toy for little kids who wanted to express themselves through style. Bratz fashion was actually fashionable like I genuinely would wear some of the outfits they have. Bratz follow pop culture which is so much more fun for kids to play around with. Doctor Barbie can only be a doctor, swimsuit Barbie can only be at a beach or pool — people are more complex, they are more than just one thing.

If you were a young kid in the 2000s and you didn't see yourself in the Barbie brand, you already know what I'm talking about. Bratz were made for us and that's why Bratz are better than Barbies. PERIOD.

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