5 Brands That Are Better Than Lululemon If You're On A Budget
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5 Brands That Are Better Than Lululemon If You're On A Budget

The top five that are similar to Lululemon but a little bit more affordable.

5 Brands That Are Better Than Lululemon If You're On A Budget

I work out almost every day, so I enjoy trying new brands and seeing how they all compare to each other. While Lululemon is super nice, there are a lot of other brands in my opinion that are just as high quality but not quite with the same price tag.

Check out these five brands next time you're in the need of some leggings or a running top!

1. Gymshark

Gymshark / Instagram

Everyone in their brother wears Gymshark now — literally. Whitney Simmons is one of their biggest influencers, but there are so many more as well. Their clothes are super nice, and they have some really cute sets that make going to the gym just that more exciting!

2. Fabletics

Fabletics / Instagram

Honestly, I'm rough on workout clothes, and they get pretty gross pretty fast. This is why I love Fabletics! Whenever I rip a hole in leggings or I realize I've had the same pair for years, I turn to Fabletics! I mean 2 for $24—how could you beat that?

3. Athleta

Athleta / Instagram

Athleta can get a little pricey, but with the right coupons and discounts, it's totally worth it! It's super high quality, so it's comparable to Lulu, just not with the same price tag.

4. Forever 21

forever21 / Instagram

Now hear me out: Forever 21 has some NICE sports bras. I bought a couple just to see if I liked them, and holy guacamole they're so great. I spent no more than $14 for each, and they're super supportive (at least on me), 10/10 recommend! They also have a lot of fun colors too, which makes your outfits more exciting.

5. VS Sport

Victoria's Secret / Instagram

Victoria's Secret leggings are my JAM. They're pricey if you get them for retail, but whenever they have their sales you better believe I stock up. They're high waisted which I really like, and they're soft as well. I wore mine so much I put a hole in them. :(

No matter what, if you show up to the gym in a t-shirt and shorts, go you! Working out is such an essential part of my life, and I like to look good doing it. It helps me get motivated to go to the gym when I have cute workout gear to throw on!

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