Boys will be boys or so they say. Girls have grown up in a culture that has been completely normal for men to roam and do whatever they want. That it is okay to be pushed, shoved and treated like nothing. How he talks to you, how he hits you, how he degrades you. It is okay because boys will be boys. So stand up a little taller and take it. You have to conform to a man, it is fine if he gets what he wants all the time.

If he wants to have sex then he will get it. He just has to ask a little longer, beg a little longer, say it over and over and over again and then you cave. You say yes because it will make him shut up faster. But then you lay there hating yourself a little more because you allowed him to get what he wanted. But boys will be boys, right? Boys get what they want because we as women we live in a man's world.

We have been valued as objects since the day we were born. That it is okay he hit her, he is only showing her that he likes her right? It is okay for him to push you to the ground because you are just an object and he likes you. We are told to sit this way or that way, do not wear this or that, because we have to look perfect to be under that man's arm. He pinched you in preschool because he liked you.

He tripped you because he has a crush. He had sex with you while you were intoxicated and unconscious but we will only get six months. Because "A prison sentence would have a severe impact on him"

But the victim says "I don't want my body anymore, take it off like a jacket and leave it at the hospital with everything else." But how dare the criminal justice system ruin the rich, white, swimmers dreams.

Women have started to learn to accept and condone the behavior that boys will be boys and us as women do not have a say.

He is allowed to be possessive and controlling because guess what? It is okay. Women get blamed, they get beaten, they get told to stay because that man will take care of you. That is what you need right? A man to take care of you. He is allowed to treat you how he wants to and you just have to accept it.

Because being a strong independent woman, that is not okay. Women to stand up and support themselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially that is not okay. You have to have a man do that. Because boys will be boys. But why can't we end that stigma, that it is okay to condone the behavior of a man treating women how they do. When we go to women we expect the support, the love and hope, they would do that. To be able to vent and get advice but instead, you get diminished like you are nothing, you are worthless, you are alone, you are a nobody. Because "get over your attention-seeking self."

How he treated you? Possessive, controlling, and made you feel like shit for denying sex when you were too tired and just wanted sleep. You are to blame because you are the psycho not him. But guess what hun boys will be boys because we are living in a man's world.