My Boyfriend Has The Coolest Mom
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8 Reasons My Boyfriend's Mom Is Cooler Than Yours

She's basically cooler than everybody.

8 Reasons My Boyfriend's Mom Is Cooler Than Yours
Terri Fowler

I was understandably very nervous to meet my boyfriend's mom for the first time. Of course there's always the pressure to make a good first impression, and hopefully like the person you're trying so hard to impress in return. Thankfully, I loved my boyfriend's mom, Terri, from the moment I met her. Not only is she super sweet and caring, but she's one of the most interesting people I've ever met. She's WAY cooler than your boyfriend's mom, I guarantee.

Here's why.

1.  She ran a 50k!!!

Which is over thirty miles and considered an ultramarathon, in case you were wondering. She's also run a triathlon and hundreds of other races. Meanwhile, I can't even run a mile without stopping.

2.  She gave birth to four children. All naturally.

No epidural for this woman. That would be too easy. (CAN WE ALSO POINT OUT THAT SHE DOESN'T LOOK LIKE SHE'S HAD FOUR KIDS. OR ANY KIDS AT ALL!)

3.  She taught kickboxing, and has trained MMA fighters.

Let this one sink in, guys. She has trained mixed martial arts fighters. This woman is an absolute beast.

4.  She worked for SeaWorld Orlando as a professional water-skier.


In, like, the 80s.

Apparently, she was part of their Disney College Program equivalent where she lived in SeaWorld housing and worked for a summer. How cool is that?!

5.  She was also a competitive ice-skater and coach.

So basically, she's incredible at everything requiring any amount of athleticism.

6.  She kicks butt at yoga.

I'll never forget seeing her randomly doing a head-stand for the first time. I've included a picture of her doing one--ON WATER--no big deal. She's literally the most athletic person I know.

7.  She won a trip to Aruba off of "Live With Kelly and Ryan!"

Seriously, who actually knows someone who's won one of these things? After watching the show LITERALLY DAILY for thirty years, Terri won a trip to Aruba last winter by answering one of their trivia questions--live, on-air-- correctly! HOW COOL IS THAT. (The question was about a past episode and she literally, to this day, takes notes during the shows in case she gets called. A true fan.)

8.  She looks thirty-years-old.

But she's not. She's old enough to have a thirty-year-old daughter and looks absolutely AMAZING. Bless mama Terri's genes and athleticism. I sincerely hope you passed those on to your son.

So while the allure of meeting your SO's mother can be intimidating, she might just turn out to be one of the coolest, most inspirational people in your life. Especially if she's as cool as my boyfriend's mom, Terri.

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