5 Bougie Dorm Room Essentials You Kinda Should Get

I think every college student can agree with me when I say that college is much more expensive than it needs to be. For the thousands of dollars we pay every year, we get a meal plan to on-campus dining that quickly gets repetitive and a tiny shoebox of a room that we typically have to share with someone. But if you can fork out a bit of money, I'd highly recommend you purchase the following items that can make this stressful and expensive journey a little more comfortable.

1. A silk pillowcase


After hearing the number of benefits silk does for your skin and your hair, I brought one of these to college on a whim to test if these claims made Instagram influencers and models were true. Having used this pillowcase for a month straight (don't worry, I wash it), not only did I see physical improvements, but I also felt that I had an easier time slipping into a deep sleep. Or maybe that's because of all the all-nighter's I've pulled so far doing homework? I'd like to think it's the pillowcase though, so you should still grab one for your bed.

2. A reading pillow

Photo by Taylor Huang

Though I can attest that these things take up a LOT of room on your bed, if you do homework or read on your bed, this one's a must.

3. A laptop bed tray


This would go really well with the previous item mentioned. I didn't bring mine to school with me, but once again, it's an easy convenience if you're a "bed" worker (and a guilty bed snacker) like me.

4. An air purifier


Guys, freshman plague is real. Though I have yet to get one of these for my own room, I'd highly suggest to anyone who's living in the dorms to purchase one. You're going to have people (not just your roommate) over, and breathing on each other and your things. There have been too many times where I've felt congested because of the stuffy and unclean air in my room.

5. Airpods


Though there are lots of arguments against these penny-sized earbuds, I insist that your $170 will be spent. Being able to talk to friends from home while having my phone charge across the room is SO nice, and I can't imagine not being able to do it. Just grab yourself a pair is all I have to say.

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