BottleRock Music Festival celebrates Northern California's love for music, beautiful weather, and amazing food, wine, and brewing in the heart of Napa.

The seventh BottleRock brought another year of music and culinary fanatics to the three-day festival on May 24th - 26th. The festival brings a taste of summer to many California natives and visiting festival fanatics.

Every year BottleRock puts their own twist on what makes a festival special by including unique experiences such as a Silent Disco, a spa and salon, art, and the option to have a platinum or VIP experience.

This year's BottleRock lineupBottleRock

This year's headliners, Imagine Dragons, Neil Young, and Mumford & Sons, are one of the many reasons the festival sold out.

The festival had a great number of other perks that contributed to the sell-out such as smaller and well-known artists and chefs that brought in many eager to learn foodies.

Photographing at the main stageLauren Hernandez

As apart of media for BottleRock 2019, I chose to cover OneRepublic and Neon Trees. Both acts performed on Friday, which had the nicest weather of all three days.

Neon Trees played on the main stage for an hour starting at 3:15 p.m. If you don't remember them, go ahead and listen to their multiple hit singles including "Animal," "Everybody Talks," and "Sleeping With a Friend."

Tyler Glenn of Neon TreesLauren Hernandez

Neon Trees didn't miss a beat despite their brief hiatus. The crowd was very into the performance singing the words to every song and the band definitely fed off this energy.

Tyler Glenn, the lead singer of the band, danced all over the stage and sang each song to perfection. The band was in sync and seemed to be enjoying every second they had on stage.

Tyler Glenn of Neon TreesLauren Hernandez

Neon Trees played in San Francisco the night prior at a BottleRock hosted concert held at August Hall. An emotional Glenn gave his all in both performances and expressed his gratitude for the fans that stuck with the band for so long.

The four-piece band from Utah was a great addition to the festival and will definitely be welcomed back to the Bay Area in the future.

Ryan Tedder of OneRepublicLauren Hernandez

OneRepublic performed at the same stage later in the day to a completely full crowd. Some fans had been waiting in their spots all day and others had just found their spot on the completely full grass.

OneRepublic is known for their catchy hit singles such as "Apologize" and "Secrets" and their newer hits "Bones" and "Rescue Me." It was no secret that the audience was in for a treat and a trip down memory lane as some of the band's hit singles are from the early 2000s.

Ryan Tedder of OneRepublicLauren Hernandez

The crowd was not only into the older songs and new hits, but they were intrigued to learn about singer Ryan Tedder's journey as a songwriter.

Not only have Tedder and his band made a name for themselves internationally, but Tedder has also written and produced many hits for popular artists. His producing has led him to become a three-time Grammy Award-winning recipient.

Tedder frequently spoke to the audience and before each song he explained the process of how he and the artist created their song. Tedder revealed and performed a couple of those songs to an ecstatic crowd. Some of these songs included "Halo" by Beyoncé and "Rumor Has It" by Adele.

Ryan Tedder of OneRepublicLauren Hernandez

Tedder is also the creator of many other well-known songs for artists like the Jonas Brothers, B.o.B, Maroon 5, and many more. It was no secret by the end of the night that the Bay Area would gladly welcome OneRepublic back to BottleRock.

BottleRock 2020 will be on May 22nd – 24th. Fans are eager to learn about next years lineup, but until then they'll have to relive the festival through their pictures and videos!