22 Things I Can Do, If The Boss Baby Can Be Nominated For An Oscar

22 Things I Can Do, If The Boss Baby Can Be Nominated For An Oscar

The Boss Baby was nominated for an Oscar and the internet didn't take it very well.

"The Boss Baby" is a DreamWorks animated film about a baby who is actually a spy on a secret mission. Yeah, that's the whole plot. And it was nominated for an Oscar.

I wish I was kidding too.

The internet wasn't very happy about this, for good reason probably.

We could shake our heads at the Oscars, but honestly, they didn't have a lot to work with. If anything, this reminds us all that the entertainment industry is out of ideas. As I talked about in my letter to Lionsgate article, there's a trend of sticking with what you already know.

The animated movies for 2017 were mostly sequels with "Despicable Me 3" and "Cars 3." We're still trapped in the sequel age. If it's not a sequel, everyone seems to be busy creating movies that make you lose brain cells in an attempt to actually connect with kids. (I'm looking at you "Emoji" Movie. I'm looking at you.)

Now, am I defending The Oscars or "The Boss Baby?" Not completely. I never said it was a good decision, I am simply stating that I can see the thought process. At least it was an original concept. An originally strange concept, but original, nonetheless.

Let's go back to that first tweet. Mollie Goodfellow seems to have a point. There seems to be a positive way to look at this. Anything is possible!

If the movie about a spy baby can be nominated for an Oscar, then I can do anything too! Right?

Such as...

1. Graduate from a four-year degree program in a year.

2. Run for President of the United States and win!

3. Rub my stomach, pat my head and say the alphabet backwards at the same time.

4. Write the fifth Twilight novel and become a best selling author.

5. Get a prime parking spot, no matter where I go.

6. Attend Harvard Law school even though I'm studying English for my undergraduate.

7. Score the lead in a Disney on Ice production even though I don't know how to ice skate.

8. Compete in every sport in the summer and winter Olympics.

9. Receive a legit Hogwarts acceptance letter.

10. Ride every ride at Disneyland in one day.

11. Build an underwater train that takes me from New York to London in eight minutes.

12. See Hamilton on Broadway tomorrow with the original cast... And not pay a dime.

13. Save all the dogs from shelters and give them loving homes.

14. Have an unlimited online shopping budget.

15. Eat whatever I want for two weeks and lose weight.

16. Learn how to cook from Anne Burrell.

17. Write a Netflix show... And have it win all the awards, by the way.

18. End world hunger.

19. Paint the White House a different color.

20. Learn every language fluently.

21. Cure Cancer.

22. Gain magical powers that blow up people's tires when they cut me off on the freeway.

23. End all wars and make everyone love each other.

24. Win an Oscar.

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