Is It Odd That I Have Nostalgia For A Time I Never Even Experienced?

Is It Odd That I Have Nostalgia For A Time I Never Even Experienced?

I'm sitting here writing this article in my mom jeans with Rick Springfield's "Jesse's Girl" as my background music, there are still certain aspects I wish I could've experienced about growing up in the '80s.


This year for Christmas my dad got us tickets to a Genesis tribute band concert, which if you haven't been through my music library may seem like it was more of a gift for him. I am probably the only eighteen-year-old girl who wants to see a '70s rock band whose audience is primarily middle-aged and old white males, and I could not be happier. Growing up, my dad would play the Phil Collins era of Genesis records, and recently I'd been getting into the earlier periods of the group from when Peter Gabriel was the lead singer. When we went to the concert, I probably knew more of the words than half the older people in that room. The man sitting next to my mom even turned to her and commented how happy it made him see my little brother and I enjoying ourselves so much and how he was so impressed.

Growing up all I heard was my dad preaching about how life was so much so much better in the '80s, accompanied by a soundtrack of anything from Foreigner to Earth Wind and Fire. As I get older, I'm starting to agree with him more and more. While I'm sitting here writing this article in my mom jeans with Rick Springfield's "Jesse's Girl" as my background music, there are still certain aspects I wish I could've experienced about growing up in the '80s.

I text and Snapchat 24/7 and post on social media using my latest iPhone just as much as anyone else you know, but I often think about the simplicity of life before the societal need for the iPhone or even cell phones in general. Too many people live their lives through the lens of a digital world, pausing their enjoyment of experiences to record the moment and share with the world. On top of that we can never just be present at the moment with the one person we are with without being in contact with five others through text, twenty others through Snapchat, and our thousands of followers on Instagram.

It's crazy to think that people would go to the mall and be able to meet up with their friends without texting them "Hey, wya?" and yet they somehow made it work. Spending time with friends and partying seemed so much more enjoyable without the distraction of screens in front of everyone's faces.

The sad part is our lack of ability to function without the technology. It has infiltrated our workplace, home, and everywhere in between. Another year has gone by and the way we communicate and live out our lives continues to evolve with technology. Not to discount the conveniences that come with these changes or sound cynical, but I really believe that technology is inevitably weaponized changing life for the worse. People say technology is "advancing," but at what cost? I am convinced I was born in the wrong generation because I look around thinking these so-called "advances" are really setting us back in terms of quality of life.

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17 Ideas To Do On Your 22nd Birthday

When you're feeling 22, but need ideas of what to do.

"It seems like one of those nights. This place is too crowded, too many cool kids uh uh, uh uh. It seems like one of those nights. We ditch the whole scene and end up dreaming instead of sleeping...Yeah. We're happy free confused and lonely in the best way. It's miserable and magical oh yeah. Tonight's the night when we forget about the heartbreaks, it's time uh oh

o you don't know what to do for your 22nd birthday? You think, hey, I just turned 21 last year and got shwasted because I could finally 'legally' drink alcohol. So 22, isn't that big so what do I do to celebrate my 22nd birthday? Well for one, every birthday should be important to you because it's your day, a day that's all about you and it's the day that you were given life. You should celebrate every year because it's another year that you have lived, right? Why can't your 22nd be a bang, why couldn't your 22nd be bigger and better than maybe your 21st, 18th, or 16th? Here are some ideas that you could do on your 22nd if you're having a brain fart.

1. Get your friends together and go to a nice dinner

Food can never go wrong on your birthday.

2. Go to the movies

Go see the latest movie out, grab some popcorn and soda and have a friend tag along.

3. Dave and Busters

Arcade games for adults?! Enough said.

4. Go on a weekend trip somewhere

You have been dying to go somewhere for awhile, why can't your birthday be the perfect time to go on a getaway?

5. Take the day off from work/school

It's your BIRTHday, no need to work or go to school, it's your day to celebrate you and you don't need to work your butt off on that day.

6. Happy Hour with friends/family

Appetizers and beers, what else could you want?

7. Go to a brewery

Grab some brews with a couple of friends, be social on your day!

8. Bar/club scene

If you are into going down to the strip to go to a club or a bar to get wild, just do it on your birthday!

9. Have a beach party (if your birthday is in the summer)

Waves, sand, beach games, sounds like a blast to me!

10. Go go-karting

Who says you can't be a kid?

11. Trampoline park

Trampolines everywhere, dodgeball and basketball, why not do it on your birthday?

12. Winery

13. Go hiking

Why not see beautiful scenery on your special day?

14. Go to breakfast or brunch

If you love breakfast and lunch,combine them and grab a mimosa or a bloody mary while you're at it.

15. Do a spa day

Need relaxation and a little getaway, a spa day is perfect.

16. Get a hotel

Hotel on the beach? Where everything is in sight, why not?

17. Break out into your song of the day,

"I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22. Everything will be alright if you keep me next to you. You don't know about me, but I bet you want to. Everything will be alright if we just keep dancing like we're 22 uh uh ah ah ah 22 uh uh uh" by the one and only TayTay Swift

Cover Image Credit: Pinterest

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In A Slew Of Live-Action Disney Films, These 13 Classics Deserve The Next Live-Action Treatment

Instead of Will Smith as the Genie, imagine Chris Pratt as Hercules.


Disney's latest trend is remaking all their classic films into live-action films. I think it's really exciting that the studio is reimagining their greatest films in brand new ways, but there are certainly other films that deserve this treatment. There are so many more Disney movies out there that are creative and imaginative and should definitely get a shot at being remade. There are so many new stories that can be brought to an entirely new audience! Here are thirteen classics that Disney should consider for their next live-action film.

1. "Hercules."


Picture this: Chris Pratt as Hercules, Aubrey Plaza as Meg. It's the Parks and Rec reunion we never knew we needed! My only condition is that Danny Devito has to return as Phil.

2. "The Black Cauldron."


Yes, this is the film that almost killed the studio, but I believe it can find new life as a live-action fantasy epic. After all, this movie is basically Walt Disney's "Lord of the Rings", so it could be huge as a live-action film!

3. "Oliver and Company" (But with humans!).


I'm not a huge fan of CGI animals (Looking at you, live-action Lion King), so it would be exciting to see a human retelling of Oliver Twist take place in New York City, soundtrack and all. I would honestly give Disney all my money to see Fagin's gang as a bunch of 80's punks.

4. "Atlantis: The Lost Empire."


This film was MADE for live-action!! The effects are larger-than-life, and the story is pretty much Disney's take on "Indiana Jones". The action would practically fly off the screen. I could seriously see this being the next "Avatar".

5. "Treasure Planet."


Much like Atlantis, this film was pretty much made for live-action, AND people have been asking for it for years. Disney, get on this project fast!

6. "Meet the Robinsons."


Can you imagine seeing all the cool robots and inventions in real life? This film could be a wonderland for practical effects!

7. "Peter Pan."


Who else wants to see Peter Pan and Captain Hook duke it out on the big screen? Plus, the sight of the Darling children and Peter flying over London would look so cool!

8. "Alice in Wonderland."


Before we go any further, I consider the Tim Burton film to be a sequel, not a remake. That being said, this is one of the most imaginative Disney films to ever come out of the vault. All the wonderful colors and characters could come to life in such a stunning way!

9. "The Rescuers."


There's not a whole lot of potential for CGI or other awesome effects in this one. I just love this movie A LOT and want to see it get new life on the big screen.

10. "The Sword in the Stone."


Yet another fantasy epic Disney could recreate! It would be so hilarious to see all of Merlin and Arthur's antics in live-action, not to mention the scene where pulls the sword from the stone would look heavenly.

11. "Tarzan."


This movie has so much excitement in it, it was practically made for live-action. How cool would it be to see the African jungle in high definition?

12. "Brave."


Surprise, there's some Pixar on this list, too!! The Scottish landscape would be absolutely gorgeous, and the fights with Morduu the demon bear would be even more exciting.

13. "Monster's, Inc."


Mike, Sully, and Boo's adventures would be so much more exciting if they were brought to life. Sully's already super cuddly, so just imagine how much more huggable he would be in live-action.

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