10 Songs You Didn't Realize Are Turning 19 This Year
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10 Songs You Didn't Realize Were Going To Be 19 Years Old In 2019

Throwbacks that we all still jam out too.

10 Songs You Didn't Realize Were Going To Be 19 Years Old In 2019

Since 2000, the music industry has also grown tremendously. Technology has allowed streaming services like Spotify to thrive and give us access to more music then is even comprehensible. Yet, we can still remember the lyrics hundreds of songs. Ones that make us cry out of sadness or happiness, ones that we can't stand because they're overplayed on the radio and ones that we can't stop listening too because we connect to them and they allow us to explore and understand thoughts and feelings we didn't even know we had.

2000 was a whole 19 years ago when the new millennium had begun. While that may not seem that long ago, it was the time when low rise jeans and flip phones were trending, Twitter and Youtube didn't even exist. J.K. Rowling was about to release "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" and every kid that is about to graduate from high school wasn't even born yet. It was the year when all of these songs first hit the scene.

1. 'Bye Bye Bye' - NSYNC


Before Justin Timberlake was a solo act he was in this little band called NSYNC, maybe you've heard of them? A song that peaked at number four on the Billboard Top 10.

"Ain't no lie/ baby, bye bye bye."

2. 'The Real Slim Shady' - Eminem


"Will the real slim shady please stand up?"

For some reason I thought this song wasn't released in 2000, I thought it was much younger. Despite that this song has never seemed to lose its fire and it's a great party track.

3. 'Oops... I did it again' - Britney Spears


This song will be turning 19 this year, coincidentally the same age Spears was when she released it. This was also the titular song for her second album.

4. 'Cha Cha Slide' by DJ Casper


This one was a shock for me because I actually thought it was much older. To be honest, I don't even really know when I expected this to be released. I always thought it just existed considering it's been played at every school dance and every wedding reception I have ever been too.

5. 'Country Grammar (Hot Shit)' - Nelly


This song was actually Nelly's debut song. The melody of this song was taken by the popular children's game called "Down Down Baby"

6. 'Absolutely (Story of a Girl)' - Nine Days


"This is the story of a girl / who cried a river and drowned the whole world"

I'm not ashamed to say that this is actually one of my favorite songs from the early-2000s, despite how melodramatic it really is. It's cheesy and cliche, but whenever it comes on my throwback playlist, I can't help it and belt the lyrics out as loud as I can.

7. 'Hanging By A Moment' - Lifehouse

Lifehouse - Hanging By A Moment on Make a GIF

Make A Gif

In 2017, when asked about the title of the song, the lead singer of Lifehouse, Jason Wade, told Songfacts: "I just feel like my whole life has been a series of moments where you're just trying to hold on and not get swept away. I grew up all over the place. I didn't grow up with any roots really, so in my teenage years when I started to write songs to try to interpret the earlier half of my life, it seemed we were just constantly in turbulence and moving and changing and shifting."

8. 'It Wasn't Me' - Shaggy, ft. Rikrok


A rather risque song about a guy trying to figure out how to get out of a rather sticky situation — the fact that his girlfriend caught him cheating on him. While this kind of song doesn't really send the best message, it is still a rather popular song that has a catchy hook and it's best not to take it seriously.

9. 'It's Gonna Be Me' - NSYNC


NSYNC was thriving during the year 2000, considering two of the biggest songs in boyband history were released and are turning 19 this year and belong to them. This song is now a pretty funny meme that I always see on my timeline when May 1st comes around.

10. 'Who Let The Dogs Out' - Baha Men


We've all been asking ourselves this question for about 19 years and I personally think it's time we get answers. I mean really, who let the dogs out? Who?

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