Why Books Have Ruined Any Chance of Me Having a Love Life
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Why Books Have Ruined Any Chance of Me Having a Love Life

Unfortunately, life is not a Nicholas Sparks novel

Why Books Have Ruined Any Chance of Me Having a Love Life

I love books. The smell. The feel. Hardbacks. Paperbacks. Books bring me more joy than anything else on this planet. Except for my dog, but that’s beside the point. I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember. I’ve read a wide range from Jane Austen to Stephen King to, yes, Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight. Like I said, I love books, but…I also hate them.

That’s a pretty drastic jump, I know. But, books are the reason why I have really unrealistic expectations about guys, love, and romance. I’m talking to you, Nicholas Sparks (not just you though, but you’re up there on the list). I remember reading The Notebook when I was in the 8th grade. That, combined with watching the movie was a pivotal point in my life. After that, I devoured the rest of his books like a madwoman. I bawled when I read A Walk to Remember and stayed up past 2am finishing The Choice. And while I was very disappointed with the movie rendition of Dear John and The Lucky One (though I still watch it because, duh, Zac Efron), I still continue to watch his movies and read his books. Why? Because it’s only in those cheesy love stories that I find the kind of love that I hope to one day have.

I want Noah to write me 365 letters. I want Mr. Darcy to confess his love for me. I want to travel the world looking for Willem. I want Peeta and Gale to fight for me. I want Augustus to take me to meet my favorite author.

Sadly, these characters will merely remain in my imagination as the chances of actually finding guys like these seem slim nowadays. Chivalry is dead. Heck, I can’t even find a man who will hold the door open for me anymore. Guys no longer speak as eloquently as Mr. Darcy does. Now all we get is a text saying, “Sup” or “Netflix and chill? ;)” Elizabeth had it made.

Seriously, who talks like that?

Yet, as unrealistic as these men are, I still keep reading these cheesy books (I recently ordered Nicholas Sparks’s new book and have been looking out for the mail man all day…pathetic? Maybe). My expectations for man may be a bit too high, but I will remain to be a hopeless romantic. There has to be someone out there for me right? I mean statistically speaking, with over six billion in this world, one man will make my dreams come true. Whenever a man opens a door for me and actually speaks with intention, my hope is restored. So until I'll find my one true love, I'll keep reading.

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